Bad Ass City

New York will always hold a special place in my heart because I had so many firsts, hard knock lessons, maturing, and crazy stories in the greatest of all.  At times I had a love/hate relationship with the city that never sleeps. It is a city that will keep breaking you down at your worst times and hold you up on a pedestal during your highs. It is also the city that is gritty, tough, no nonsense taking, take you and spit you out type of place. This great place does not coddle you or hold your hand throughout life.  It is up to you to figure out how this beast works without getting knocked down and believe me you new midwestern kids or fresh faced college grads with stars in you eyes  have a lot to learn about the Big Apple. It is not like the glamorous city or NY life you see glorified on the television shows. When you come here most likely you will have your ass handed to you a few times before you get it right and you need learn to be tough and take no shit.

NYC will break you down, push you to your breaking point, send you reeling over the edge, and will not offer a hand to help you up.  NYC is all about picking your sad little ass off the floor, brushing yourself off, and moving on. Pay attention to the words, your ass, they are in there for a reason: as in you are getting up yourself without help and reassurance from another person.  Nobody can truly pick you up, only you can do that.  Sometimes the best lessons I have learned is from getting up, learning, and moving on all on my own.

Oh yeah, and don’t believe what you see on   TO all of you starry eyed newbies don’t be fooled by Sex and the City, Felicity, or the shipping lights because that is all a facade.  You need to grow tough, resident, be able to speak up for what you want, and most of all stand up and fight for your self aka hustle everyday.  You don’t get by being nice or trading favors you get by with hard work, hustle, never accepting no as an answer, enjoying the moment, and not giving up.  Only after all the tough lessons will you reap the rewards and look back at all you’ve learned in the city. IF you can make it here you can make it anywhere and no other place will ever compare.


Almost every memory I have has happened in NY.  Whether it was a fabulous time, bad time,  or just plain ugly it mostly like happened in NYC or another part of NY state.  I learned independence early, not taking shit from people, dealing with low blows, street smarts, and how


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