Weekly Wonders

Keren Swan



KKandbabyJ: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCU-ZXqhx1xjsxO1ftXJELdg

Discovered her Youtube channel and loved it!  I like Keren’s style, she is authentic, upbeat, sweet, and has an adorable family.  She covers a variety of topics anything from daily routines, to mommy topics, to family life.  Keren also has another channel called KKandbabyJ which has videos of her family and their daily life.  Check out her channels and videos today!






This is another Youtube channel that I have been loving. OKbaby is about Kyra, Oscar, and their baby Levi.  I discovered this channel through Keren’s channel because Keren and Kyra are best friends. Kyra also has her own channel called Kbaby and it focuses on topics ranging from beauty to daily life and mommy videos. This is another family that is is sweet and I enjoy watching the videos!

Honesty with Friends 


8 ThingsYour Friends Will Never Tell You About Your Relationship


In the past two years many of my friends are got married, got engaged, or are in serious relationships.  Most times I get along well with their significant other and do not have any issues with him.  However I have had issues or concerns in the past and have vocalized them to my friend(s).  Especially if it was an unhealthy relationship and my friend was not being treated right.  The above article references things friends will not say to your face about your current relationship or marriage.  I however think a true friend will say some of things or address those concerns with his or her friend.  If friends do that then they are pretty crappy friends and do not really care about the friend.  This article is what YOU SHOULD discuss with your friend and not just keep these issues hush hush between your friend group.. Break the cycle ofrom this article and help your friends out.

Grace and Frankie


The second season of  this show is on Netflix and I am loving it!  The plot of the show is untraditional and different than what is typically on TV.  It is funny and I love Jane Fonda’s and Lilly Tomlin’s characters!  This show is amazing so check it out and you will be in for some laughs!

DKNY Soho Jeans


I have been buying these jeans since Iw as in high school!  There have been different fits I owned over the years but these are my go to jeans!  I am always able to find a pair that fits my body type and that looks great on me!  Trust me it is so hard to find  jeans that fit well due to my body shape.  But I have always had luck with DKNY jeans!


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