FOMO: Yes I have it and it sucks



Recently I’ve been suffering from FOMO.  As much as I hate to admit it, it’s true.  So many people in my life have been going through positive and exciting changes in their lives such as marriage, engagements,graduations, being in a committed relationship, dating well you get the picture.  My life has is at a standstill compared to my friends and if I didn’t uproot my life and move I would be included in some of these events.  My location is causing me to feel the fear of missing out and also I have not experienced certain things that others have gone through and it sucks.  I want to have those experiences or be included in events going on in my friend’s lives.  It also feels that I have not accomplished as much as them. Yes, I know it is such a bad thing to compare your successes against others but I feel so behind at life.  Basically, my life has been a huge mess since I moved and has just been very up and down. There has not been a constant since I moved and it has been a roller coaster of changes, frustrations, and happiness. There has been no stagnant since ht move and I have definitely felt fear of missing out, especially on the romantic front.  Hence the dating dilemma posts and my attempt at online dating. It is funny because I told myself that I wouldn’t have fomo and would stop comparing myself and my life to that of my friends.  Did that happen? No way and it sucks.   Somehow I need to stop this fear of missing out especially in the romance area and just live my life.  Well, it is easier said than done I guess.  But I do not want to be left behind or always the last of my friends to do things.  Being last sucks and I am last a lot if not all the time when it comes to things with my friends.  In all honesty I think this post was more of a rambling and brain dump post.  Ugh, how I sometimes need to just get things out of my head.

Have any of you experienced fomo? What was it concerning and how did you deal with it?


5 thoughts on “FOMO: Yes I have it and it sucks

  1. I don’t know if you Facebook (yes, I’ve turned it into a verb), but eliminating that helps. It’s a place people put only the great things they want you to see and is largely a misrepresentation of life so it can make you feel like everyone’s having a better time than you. Just a thought.

    • Thanks! I used to be big into Facebook and have been checking it less since I moved. I agree that people can focus on only the good parts of life using social media. I think my best bet is continuing to lessen use of Facebook and that would help with the fear of missing out.

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