Starbucks Faves

Starbucks Favorites

Vanilla Latte


My go to drink!  I love it and it never gets old!  The brewed Starbucks coffee hurts my stomach so I get lattes instead.  This is a classic drink and it never gets old for me!

Caramel Machiatto


My other go to drink!  I enjoy it hot or iced and it fluctuates depending on my mood or the weather.  But I seem to like it more iced than I do hot.

Green Tea Frapuccino


This is my summer time treat!  It is a very heavy drink and I usually cannot finish it.  But it is a nice, refreshing drink in the summer heat!

Iced Green Tea or Black tea w/ one pump of classic


When I am not in the mood from coffee I got for the iced teas.  These two are my favorite and I enjoy with no frills.  I do not like either of these teas with lemonade just iced with the classic syrup.  That’s how I roll!


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