Empty Products

Ogx shampoo


This shampoo has lasted me a long time!  I ordered it as a Black Friday deal in November and it lasted me from then until now.  That could have something to do with the fact that I do not wash my hair with shampoo everyday.  Somedays I just use conditioner in my hair so it does not get too dry.  Anyway, this shampoo smells amazing and really helped my hair!  My hair has become shinier and healthier due to the use of this shampoo!  I do have another shampoo ready to try from this brand and it is the Vitamin E shampoo.  I am so excited to start using this product and will update you on how it works on my hair.

L’oreal  La Palette Nude 2


This is my favorite eyeshadow palette!  I have not used all of the colors yet but the first two colors on the palette are pretty much gone.  Those are my go to colors and really make my eyes pop!  It is sad that they are all used up 😦  Now I will have to experiment with the remaining colors in this palette and see how it goes.  In a way I am excited to try new colors on my eyes.  Maybe I will come out with a new look.

Cetaphil Cleanser


I just finsihed a bottle of this cleanser because it works so well with my skin.  The bottle I get is so big that it literally takes me forever to finish using it.  This is one of the best cleansers I have used and I will be opening another bottle but am hesitant because I want to start using my First Aid Beauty products on my face.  But I already have another bottle of Cetaphil to use up.  Ugh, the decisions I face lmao.

Benefit They’re Real Lengthening Mascara


This is my holy grail of all mascaras I have used!  To think that it all started when my sister gave the original one to me as a gift for Christmas many years ago.  it was love at first use and I haven’t looked back since that day.  I have tried the new one in brown and quickly started using it daily.  I used it so much that I ran out of product!  My frequency of use shows that this is an amazing mascara and works wonders on eyelashes.  It lasts all day and does not smudge or run!  It is so good in fact that it is a pain to get off at night.  I have to use a few makeup pads with eye makeup remover just to get all of the product off of my lashes.


2 thoughts on “Empty Products

    • I do love this brand so far! I just started using the Vitamin E shampoo and I will see how it works on my hair. I hate when my hair gets frizzy the heat down here does not help.

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