Saving Skin

Throughout the years I have tried various products on my skin and these are the ones I have loved the most!  My skin routine fluctuates but these are products I have gone back to more than once and sometimes even twice or more.

Bobbi Brown Hydrating Face Tonic


This is one of the best toners I have used in a very long time!  This is gentle on my skin, does not make it red, or cause my skin to break out which are all positive things.  The best part is that I can actually see the gunk that came off of my face on the remover pad I used.  This has a nice smell to it but it non-irritating and is not overpowering.  Both good things for women with sensitive skin.  This product has been a staple in my skin routine and I love it!

Cetaphil Cleanser


My skin, especially my cheeks, is sensitive to ingredients and the smells of products, gets extra dry, breaks out, or turns red with certain product use.  Most cleaners I have tried in the past have done one of the above things to my skin and it sucked.  I heard and read good things about Cetaphil and decided to try it for myself.  It has worked wonders on my skin and does not irritate my cheeks.  This cleanser has helped my skin stay clear, does not dry out my skin, and helps it look refreshed.  It has been in my skin routine for about four years now and I do see a difference in my skin due to its use.  This is one of my holy grail cleansers and I recommend it to friends and family members.  I only endorse products I have used and   Women with sensitive skin should try this cleanser and you will see a difference, I promise!

Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion


For years I have used this moisturizer on my face and it has helped keep my skin hydrated.  I loved it and it worked great in skincare routine for a long time  until about a year ago.  Maybe my skin changed or I used this lotion for too long but for some reason the lotion kept drying out the skin on my cheeks and it sucked.  My cheeks would become dry and break out.  So, I wound up changing my moisturizer a few times and currently use First Aid Beauty Repair Cream.

Clinique Acne Solutions Emergency Gel-Lotion


This is one of the best pimple creams I have used. I was lucky and never had bad acne besides some bad break outs during  high school and during a certain time of the month.  Whenever a zit pops up I use this lotion and it helps dramatically reduce the redness of the pimple and it goes away faster when I compared it to other creams I have used.  A go to for pimples for sure!  It is best used overnight and I have seen a difference in the morning!  This can be more expensive than other products but it truly works and I have seen a difference in my acne when using this product.

First Aid Beauty Repair Cream


This recently became a staple in my beauty routine.  I wanted to change up my moisturizer to a better one that does not dry out my cheeks.  This is it and originally tried it in a sample kit I got at Sephora.  I loved it and use it on my face.  This cream last throughout the day and gives my skin a healthy appearance.  When I used the Clinique moisturizing lotion my cheeks would appear red and flaky.  So I enjoy using this cream and urge you to try it today!

Simple Cleansing Micellar Water


I have used this type of cleanser for awhile and it is gentle on my skin.  This does not dry out my skin, make it red, or cause me to break out.  This gets much of the dead skin and dirt off of my face and it is visible on the remover pad I use with this product.  This product does not have alcohol which helps stop the skin fro becoming dry and products with alcohol dried out my skin and really irritated it.  It is best for me to stay away from skin products that contain alcohol or other substances that can dry out my skin.  One of the reasons I love this product  is due to it’s non-irritating skin components.

Simple Smoothing Facial Scrub


This scrub is used once or twice a week to clean my pores, remove dead skin, and exfoliate my face.  This works well with my skin and does not irritate it.  Some other face exfoliators I used in the past would make my skin feel tight, over dry my skin, or cause a lot of redness.  It is tough yet gentle and helps keep my skin clear from breakouts.  Enjoy using this as part of my facial skin care routine!


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