Vera Bradley Favorites

Vera Bradley is one of my favorite bag designers!  They are affordable and come in a wide range of colors, patterns, and styles!  Everyone can find one they like and would use all of the time!   However, I am very picky when it comes to the patterns I chose from Vera Bradley.  Some of my favorites from Vera Bradley are listed below.

Extra Large Duffel in Versailles


This is one of my favorite travel bags and favorite Vera prints!  This is a good bag for a long road trip and hold tons of items!  I am a bit hesitant to use it while flying due to it being soft and not hard sided.  If a hard suitcase falls on it the fabric may rip or the items in the tote can get crushed.  So this is only used for trips that do not require flying.

Simply Violet Tote Bag


This tote lasted me through college and I used it until the straps wore out.  Sadly, I could not use it anymore and had to throw it out.  That was a very sad day for me because I had the tote for four years.  This is the perfect everyday or school tote bag due to its size and shoulder strap length.   I could fit multiple textbooks, notebooks, wallet, water bottle, kets etc. in the bag.  There is also a front pocket so that you can make items easily accessible.  There is no zipper but there is a fasten close to keep the top

Fabric Journal in Frankly Scarlet


One of my favorite journals!  I love the fabric and have filled the whole journal!  This would make a great journal or notebook and is very durable!  It is the perfect size to carry around in a bag and has a magnetic closure. This journal traveled around with me in my tote or bag while riding the subway, bus, and ferry boat.  If it could survive all of that without being damaged it is one hell of a journal! I am going to buy another Vera journal in the future!  Perfect gift for a writer or student!

Mirror Cosmetic Case in Citron


I love this makeup case!  I fail it with my makeup up essentials for the day and put it in my purse or tote bag.  It is a staple in my bag and fits my daily makeup essentials.  The front flap can fit items as well and also has a mirror to check your makeup look.  There is a liner on the inside of the case to prevent the fabric from being stained or ripped by This has come in handy and I have been using this case for a long time now.  Love the print too and it adds just a pop of color to my life.


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