Jotting in Journals


So, for years I have loved journaling about my life growing up and love buying different journals to write down my thoughts.  Seriously it’s like an obsession and having many blank books does not mean that they all get filled up.  Some are still empty, some got turned into to do notebook, some are half filled, got repurposed etc.  You get the picture.  But most of the ones I have bought have been filled from front to back.  I guess I have a lot to write and things going on in my head.  Figured I would share some of my favorite journals with you!

Where the Wild Things Are Journal

WIld Things

My favorite journal ever!  I was always so excited to write in it and wound up filling up all of the pages. Growing up one of my favorite children’s books was Where the Wild Things Are and of course I had to purchase this cute notebook once I laid eyes on it!  This is one of my oldest journals that I own and one of the best in my opinion.  I bought this notebook about ten years ago at the Brooklyn Museum of Art in ,you guessed it, Brooklyn, NY. So of course besides the design this journal is near and dear to my heart.  I wish the company produced more of these journals with various designs based off of the book Where The Wild Things Are.

Pratesi Florence Leather Journal


This is my favorite journal of the moment!  I found it while shopping at Home Goods and it was love at first sight.  The leather is the perfect color and it is a durable journal.  It is a staple in my bag because you never know when there will be an opportunity to jot my thoughts down.  I have loved writing in it and have even gotten compliments about the journal!

Bicycle Journal


I found this at Barnes and Noble.  It was designed by a a Graduate Communications Design major/graduate from Pratt Institute and the design was turned into a journal.  This was such a great design and different than the typical journals for sale at the store.  Also, I like biking so the bike on the cover definitely caught my attention.  This was another durable book and it survived my numerous ferry and subway rides throughout NYC and even a coffee spill.  So,if this book can make it through transit and being banged around in my bag then it is one fabulous journal!  FYI:  Do not think this is sold anymore 😦

Recycled Newspaper Journal

Paper journal

Bought this unique journal at Barnes and Noble and thought it was funky and quirky.  It was different than the other journals I purchased previously.  This is not my favorite journal that I own.  The paper is more yellow and a bit thicker than the paper in the other journals.  For some reason the paper caused an issue when using certain types of pens because the ink bled.  That usually happened with the more liquid pens.  So, some of the pages in the journal are a bit messy  A fun journal to look at but the paper was a bit of a pain at times when writing.

Cafe Jotter Journals by Charlotte Hardy


I love these journals!  They are almost too pretty and adorable to write in.  These were received as gift from my sister who knows that I love to write and journal about my life.  One of the best parts of the jotter is that when you open the front and back covers there is a different design inside.  Also, if you hold open both covers you get one scene on each journal.  One is of a outside tables at a cafe or restaurant and the other is of a flower shop.  These journals are very cute and great for use as a personal journal, to do list, or a gift for a friend or family member.

Etsy: PAHandmadeJournal

Flower Etched Leather Journal


Love this Easy shop and all of her journals.  They are beautiful, unique, and sturdy!  I was looking for a birthday present for a friend and happened to find this shop when searching.  I loved the journals so much that I purchased the gift for my friend and a journal for myself.  Both items came exactly as described and are gorgeous.  I have not started writing in here yet as I have yet to finish my blue journal pictured above.  I cannot wait to begin writing in here.


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