Sassy Sunnies

Since moving to the South I have gained a collection of Sunglasses. Up in NY I hardly wore sunglasses except during the summer months and down here I need to wear mine all the time.  I mainly own polarized glasses because the sun is very strong down here and hurts my eyes.  These are some of my favorite glasses that I have owned.

Coach Samantha Polarized


I love these sunglasses!  They are one of my most favorite pari of sunglasses and fit my face perfectly.  These classy are full or sass and grace!  They paired well with casual and fancy outfits and just looked fabulous in general.  These fit my face perfectly.

Coach Confetti Polarized


These are fun and hip sunglasses! They are hip, fresh, and the color looks great  on me!  Also, it is easy to  I like them but they are very wide and sometimes slip down the bridge of my nose.  Besides that I like them and wear them often!

Ray Ban Erika Polarized


These glasses are fantastic and unique!  I purchased them because they were out of the norm for me and fit my face perfectly.  When I tried them on in the store it was a match made in heaven!  I just knew I would be leaving the store with them that day!  They are the best sunglasses I have at the moment and are so versatile it’s amazing!  They add pizazz to any outfit

Vogue Sunglasses Polarized


I like these glasses and they are reasonable priced. They fit my face and do a good job of keeping the sun out of my eyes compared to the other sunglasses on here.  I usually wear these at work since I am outdoors multiple times throughout they day.  Love them and are a great pair for a great price!

What are some of your favorite sunglasses or sunglasses brand? Let me know in the comments below!


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