Music Mood

My Music of the Moment


Songs that have helped me feel good this week!  I enjoyed listening to these tunes and need to create them into a playlist!

The Judge: Twenty One Pilots

Home We’ll Go: Walk Off the Earth

Let Me Down Easy: Sheppard

Interlude: Moving On: Paramore

Stone Cold: Demi Lovato

Hide Away: Daya

Confident: Demi Lovato

Just Like Fire: Pink

The Nights: Avicii

Victorious: Panic! at the Disco


Going Back To My Roots…

Yes,you read the title correctly. I’m visiting the best place ever and am going to catch up with tons of people and visit places that are near and dear to my heart!  Look out city I’m coming back to see you!  My feelings expressed through some of the photos below.  Enjoy!







Bad Ass City

New York will always hold a special place in my heart because I had so many firsts, hard knock lessons, maturing, and crazy stories in the greatest of all.  At times I had a love/hate relationship with the city that never sleeps. It is a city that will keep breaking you down at your worst times and hold you up on a pedestal during your highs. It is also the city that is gritty, tough, no nonsense taking, take you and spit you out type of place. This great place does not coddle you or hold your hand throughout life.  It is up to you to figure out how this beast works without getting knocked down and believe me you new midwestern kids or fresh faced college grads with stars in you eyes  have a lot to learn about the Big Apple. It is not like the glamorous city or NY life you see glorified on the television shows. When you come here most likely you will have your ass handed to you a few times before you get it right and you need learn to be tough and take no shit.

NYC will break you down, push you to your breaking point, send you reeling over the edge, and will not offer a hand to help you up.  NYC is all about picking your sad little ass off the floor, brushing yourself off, and moving on. Pay attention to the words, your ass, they are in there for a reason: as in you are getting up yourself without help and reassurance from another person.  Nobody can truly pick you up, only you can do that.  Sometimes the best lessons I have learned is from getting up, learning, and moving on all on my own.

Oh yeah, and don’t believe what you see on   TO all of you starry eyed newbies don’t be fooled by Sex and the City, Felicity, or the shipping lights because that is all a facade.  You need to grow tough, resident, be able to speak up for what you want, and most of all stand up and fight for your self aka hustle everyday.  You don’t get by being nice or trading favors you get by with hard work, hustle, never accepting no as an answer, enjoying the moment, and not giving up.  Only after all the tough lessons will you reap the rewards and look back at all you’ve learned in the city. IF you can make it here you can make it anywhere and no other place will ever compare.


Almost every memory I have has happened in NY.  Whether it was a fabulous time, bad time,  or just plain ugly it mostly like happened in NYC or another part of NY state.  I learned independence early, not taking shit from people, dealing with low blows, street smarts, and how

Music Mood


Here some songs I have been loving lately!  These have come up on my Pandora station or the radio int he past week.

Honestly: Hot Chelle Ray

Memory: Sugarcult

My Body: Young the Giant

Undercover Martyn: Two Doors Cinema Club


My House: Flo Rida

America’s Sweetheart: Elle King

Anna Sun: Walk the Moon

Let Me Down Easy: Sheppard

Wake Me: Bleachers

Sit Still, Look Pretty: Daya

Strangers Like Me: Phil Collins

So Good: B.o.B

Something Good Can Work: Two Door Cinema Club

FOMO: Yes I have it and it sucks



Recently I’ve been suffering from FOMO.  As much as I hate to admit it, it’s true.  So many people in my life have been going through positive and exciting changes in their lives such as marriage, engagements,graduations, being in a committed relationship, dating well you get the picture.  My life has is at a standstill compared to my friends and if I didn’t uproot my life and move I would be included in some of these events.  My location is causing me to feel the fear of missing out and also I have not experienced certain things that others have gone through and it sucks.  I want to have those experiences or be included in events going on in my friend’s lives.  It also feels that I have not accomplished as much as them. Yes, I know it is such a bad thing to compare your successes against others but I feel so behind at life.  Basically, my life has been a huge mess since I moved and has just been very up and down. There has not been a constant since I moved and it has been a roller coaster of changes, frustrations, and happiness. There has been no stagnant since ht move and I have definitely felt fear of missing out, especially on the romantic front.  Hence the dating dilemma posts and my attempt at online dating. It is funny because I told myself that I wouldn’t have fomo and would stop comparing myself and my life to that of my friends.  Did that happen? No way and it sucks.   Somehow I need to stop this fear of missing out especially in the romance area and just live my life.  Well, it is easier said than done I guess.  But I do not want to be left behind or always the last of my friends to do things.  Being last sucks and I am last a lot if not all the time when it comes to things with my friends.  In all honesty I think this post was more of a rambling and brain dump post.  Ugh, how I sometimes need to just get things out of my head.

Have any of you experienced fomo? What was it concerning and how did you deal with it?

Weekly Wonders

Keren Swan



Discovered her Youtube channel and loved it!  I like Keren’s style, she is authentic, upbeat, sweet, and has an adorable family.  She covers a variety of topics anything from daily routines, to mommy topics, to family life.  Keren also has another channel called KKandbabyJ which has videos of her family and their daily life.  Check out her channels and videos today!




This is another Youtube channel that I have been loving. OKbaby is about Kyra, Oscar, and their baby Levi.  I discovered this channel through Keren’s channel because Keren and Kyra are best friends. Kyra also has her own channel called Kbaby and it focuses on topics ranging from beauty to daily life and mommy videos. This is another family that is is sweet and I enjoy watching the videos!

Honesty with Friends 


8 ThingsYour Friends Will Never Tell You About Your Relationship–sex

In the past two years many of my friends are got married, got engaged, or are in serious relationships.  Most times I get along well with their significant other and do not have any issues with him.  However I have had issues or concerns in the past and have vocalized them to my friend(s).  Especially if it was an unhealthy relationship and my friend was not being treated right.  The above article references things friends will not say to your face about your current relationship or marriage.  I however think a true friend will say some of things or address those concerns with his or her friend.  If friends do that then they are pretty crappy friends and do not really care about the friend.  This article is what YOU SHOULD discuss with your friend and not just keep these issues hush hush between your friend group.. Break the cycle ofrom this article and help your friends out.

Grace and Frankie


The second season of  this show is on Netflix and I am loving it!  The plot of the show is untraditional and different than what is typically on TV.  It is funny and I love Jane Fonda’s and Lilly Tomlin’s characters!  This show is amazing so check it out and you will be in for some laughs!

DKNY Soho Jeans


I have been buying these jeans since Iw as in high school!  There have been different fits I owned over the years but these are my go to jeans!  I am always able to find a pair that fits my body type and that looks great on me!  Trust me it is so hard to find  jeans that fit well due to my body shape.  But I have always had luck with DKNY jeans!

Banging Books: Summer Edition

Kick Kennedy: The Charmed Life and Tragic Death of The Favorite Kennedy: Barbara Leaming


I have been reading so many good things about this book!  I enjoy reading about the lives of others and am very excited to dive into this book during the summertime. This intrigues me due to the focus of the book, about the life of a lesser known Kennedy, which is an unusual focus. I have noticed that a few months ago a book about Rosemary Kennedy, Rosemary: The Hidden Kennedy Daughter, so maybe this is trying to steal that books thunder. It is at the top of my summer reading list!

Paper Towns: John Green

paper towns

I have read most of his books but for some reason have skipped over Paper Towns.  So far, I have enjoyed reading his stories and have no doubt that this book will be good.  There have been tons of memorable quotes from the books I have read so far and that is always a plus for me.  I can not wait to read this story and  know that it will be an enjoyable and meaningful book.  After I finish this book I want to see the movie although I have heard mixed things about the film.

Brooklyn: Colm Toibin


First off the movie was absolutely amazing! It can be different from the book but I did not read the book yet so I cannot comment on similarities or differences.  The movie made me want to read the book and so I shall!  The book has gotten great reviews on Goodreads.  I have high hopes for this story and know that even if the movie was different from the book that I will not be disappointed! One the top of my summer reading list for sure!

The Assistants: Camille Perri

This just seems like a really interesting read for the summer season.  I think it will be neat to see what happens to the assistant in this story.  The focus is different than typical fiction books and that is why this book intrigues me.  Here’s to hoping this is a good and enjoyable read!

Losing It: Emma Rathborne


This book just seems really relatable to me at the moment. There might be things that I can relate to this in this book and that makes me want to read it even more. However, this might turn out to be a flop and a terrible book. This one has a 50-50 shot but I’m hoping it’s good. The topic is off the beaten path and not one that is usually written about or seen when I have been searching for a book to read. But I’ve never actually searched for a book on this topic so I guess that explains a lot of why I think this is such an uncommon topic. This will be a good summer book: I just know it!

Why We Came to the City: Christopher Jansma


First off, this is takes place in the best city ever: NYC!  So, that alone automatically added it to my list of summer reads.  This follows the lives of four college friends as the navigate life, adulthood, relationships, work, and of course the city itself.  looks for a promising read and the reviews of this book have been great!  Also, this is relatable for me because I am a recent college graduate and have been going through life transitions and changing friendships amongst my group of friends.  This might be my favorite summer read: I hope!

Rich and Pretty: Rumaan Alam


This sounds like the perfect book for me this summer!  I have been going through changing friendships with my closest friends during the past two years and some for the worse which totally sucks.  Was the author channeling my situation when this was written?  The theme is so relatable to me during my current state of life and it is also set in NYC.  I just have a thing for books set in NYC don’t I, it is probably because it’s my hometown.  Hopefully the book is a good as it sounds and the synopsis reads.  Fingers crossed for this story!

What books are you excited to read over the summer?  Have any that you recommend?