Love is in the air… just not for me


So, you know how people always say there will be a time in your life when everyone around you is getting engaged, married, or is smitten with love?  Now must be that time in life for me and it is driving me up a wall.  Majority of my childhood and college friends as well as co-workers are either engaged, getting married this year, or in a long term relationship which sucks for me because per usual I am the single one.  It totally sucks and makes me feel like I am missing out on something or screwed up somewhere in my life to be single at this point in my life.  It doesn’t help that I see or hear about friend’s wedding plans, engagement photos, or anniversary pictures/stories a lot.  Uhh either this is a sign I need to find a man soon or it is on the opposite ned of the spectrum and I’m doomed to be single forever (well probably not but you never know).

I know that I shouldn’t judge or compare myself to others but being the odd one out always sucks.  So many people are going through life changes and here I am just trying to get a date and it totally blows!  Don’t get me wrong I love how happy my friends and co-workers are, how they are so excited to get married, plan a wedding, or celebrate an anniversary with their significant other but it is hard to be the friend who always listens and at this point has no hope of finding the right one (hence the attempt at online dating).  Everyone around me has rose colored glasses on and is in love but not me and it sucks.  I mean I am by no means ready for marriage or engagement but it is hard seeing all these wedding and couple things being done by acquaintances it is so hard not to feel like I am missing out on something.  I am elated for my friends but at the same time want to feel the same things they are feeling.  Being single is fun at times but I also want what they have ( I know what you’re thinking but it has nothing to do with jealousy).

So I guess this is a post where my rambling kicked into high gear and I sound like a whiny, bratty, self centered sixteen year old but I swear I am truly not.  I am so not ready to settle down but I wouldn’t mind being in a nice relationship.  Why does  it seem so  hard to find a nice guy?  I kind of just want to be included and just met a dude that’s meant for me. It will happen at some point I know it!  I just have to find the right man!  In the meantime I will celebrate my friends’ and co-workers special days and occasions!



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