Tasteful Tips


There has been a frenzy of posts focused on gratuities left for the wait staff at restaurants.  I felt that I needed to share my view on the whole debacle.  First off I tip based on the quality of service I received at a restaurant not on ethnicity, age, or sexual orientation etc.  Poor service or rudeness from the waiter/waitress the less of a tip I leave at the end of the meal.  People in the food industry work long hours for minimal pay and have to deal with the public.  Both of those things are not easy at all and people can be nasty and inconsiderate of their server.  I hate that there are individuals in the world who do not leave tips based on quality of service given during a dining experience. Just look at the receipts below: the people who left both notes need to get their butts whooped or need to live off of tips to see how the life of a waiter or waitress truly is.  Maybe that would make them think twice about not leaving any tips in the future.

twinsontheway tip2

Both of the above excuses are pathetic!  The comment on the left is just plain ridiculous!  If you do not have money to tip the server due to saving money for your unborn children then you should not have gone out to eat.  If the woman was truly saving she would be cooking he meals at home.  Maybe this woman should be denied a paycheck  and she can see how it feels to no have money.

Do not even get me started on the comment on the right.  I make more than servers and leave them tips.  I would never in a million years write that as an excuse for no tip.  It is not justified and makes a person come across as an asshole.  I seriously can’t believe there are people like this in the world.

Yes, there have been times I left crappy tips but that reflects the service I received.  For example this past weekend I went out to dinner with a friend and the service sucked.  The waitress had a great personality but it went downhill from there.  She brought our waters and mine was in a to go cup and my friend’s was in a regular glass.  The waitress made some excuse that the restaurant was running out of glasses and since I got water without a lemon I got a to go cup. NOBODY else in the restaurant had a to go cup WTF?  Strike one.  Strike two was that we could not find out waitress during our meal so that we could get refills on our drinks.  Then after the meal we couldn’t find her so that we could get the check to leave.  She made it like it wasn’t a big deal but when you disappear for like a half hour or more it is a big thing.  We just wanted to leave so we could make our movie.  So I was mad with the server we had but still left a tip.  Maybe not the standard tip but I still left a tip.  Hey, working with the public is hard, frustrating, and causes waiters to be busy at times so I take all of that into account at the end of my meal.


Anyway, the better the service the better the tip I give.  I almost always leave a tip but the amount depends on service.  Most of the time I have no problems with servers but there have been certain occasions when the service was downright terrible or the server was just flat out rude to me.  This is just my two cents but it is what it is. I will  never not leave a tip based on superficial, religious, or stereotypical reasons.  It angers me that people are leaving nothing or writing nasty notes on receipts.  Come on people this needs to stop and is extremely inconsiderate.  Base the gratuity on what it is supposed to be based on: quality of service!



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