Recently I have, received some interesting messages and they show that there are definitely characters out there in the online dating world. There are some real winners here too.


LOVE YOUR HAIR!!! My name is _________ … Do you mind my height? I’m 6’2″280 .. as you can see I’m definitely not small… If that’s cool shoot me an email so we can get to know each other better….

This was such a random message.  I hate the use of the … at random times throughout the message and the all caps first sentence.  Plus, it’s a message and not email.  Sorry dude this message just does not cut it

You are so cute that I can’t stop myself from texting u and m not sorry for that

This guy should have proofread his message and used punctuation.  Time for him to go back to English 101.

Can i eat it today:))

Really dude? Next, message please.

Hey, how’s it going?  Sorry I don’t have a pic, my friend made this for me and he didn’t have any pics of me.  I tried uploading some earlier but it didn’t work:(

I’m not buying this for a second and this is a total lie.  First off, I would not have a friend create an online profile for me or upload a picture.  This man is going to have to try a lot better and harder if he wants a woman to respond to his message.

Something about you got me … so here’s who I am.  My name is _____.  I write, I draw, I’m athletic .. I know how to treat a woman. I put an emphasis on woman because I know when a woman needs to be kissed softly, held, and treated like the most precious things in the world and I know when she needs to be thrown down on the bed to have her hair pulled and ass smacked all night till she can’t take it anymore … I’m very honest … I’m not trying to rush into anything … just wanted your attention lol 🙂

Here is another man who likes to use the … in the middle of sentences. Maybe he is related to the man who wrote the first message in this post.  Also, this message is ridiculous and worthy of a response.  There is no way in hell that I would think of sending a reply.  I’m sorry dude but you need to rethink and rewrite your messages because it is totally not getting my attention and makes me think you are one creepy man.

Knock knock

The point of this message is for the woman to respond with who’s there and the answer to that will most likely be corny, creepy, or boring.  I just delete messages like this due to lack of creativity or effort on the part of the man.

Dang your gorgeous

I’m sorry I do not remember meeting you or knowing you well enough for you to call me gorgeous.  I absolutely hate when guys throw out unnecessary comments like this trying to phish for a reply.  Maybe a woman with low self worth, low self esteem, or no confidence will write back but I certainly will not.

Hey got a question for ya

First off it is you not ya and second you need to use punctuation at the end of your sentence.  Another man who could benefit from taking a grammar and English course.  Bad spelling and lack of punctuation is not going to elicit a response from me.


The men who messages ladies should make use of the picture above.  This will help them use certain words correctly and will help become grammatically correct.  Men if you want to woo girls, especially smart and educated women, proper grammar, spelling, and tenses are a must.

All of the messages above show how frustrating online dating is for woman that are looking for someone to potentially date.  So, guys please put some effort and thought when you send messages to woman or at the bare minimum  proofread your messages before you hit send.  With all of that being said the messages definitely make the online dating experience a bit humorous and entertaining.


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