Do I Chase? Nah, Bro…


So, have been thinking about my last post which focused on a recent date.  Since then I have decided that I will not chase after guys.  it is just not worth the effort, anxiety, or time. So basically I have learned my lesson about going after guys.  It’s not worth the time or effort and the dating/relationship never worked out with those guys in the end.  It is best to let the guy chase you or at least initiate contact.  Trust me guys love to go after what they like or what they can not have so be patient and the guy will get in contact with you.  But I will not pursue a guy again and wait to see if he contacts me.

This post was partially spurred by my thoughts and one of the articles I found online.   I also included other articles about guys chasing girls.


I found one article online which has a similar but interesting stance on not chasing men.  I enjoyed it and think it put why chasing isn’t worth it into perspective.

Don’t Do It, I Warned You:

Why The Chase Is Not Worth It:

The Dating Truth:

Let Him Pursue You:–let-a-man-pursue-you-genders-roles-in-dating-have123344da80


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