A stroke of luck that went downhill



Finally I had a little bit of a breakthrough with this whole online dating adventure I began awhile ago.  After weeding through unwanted, thoughtless, or downright dirty messages I thought I found a decent guy.  We had our first date and everything was great.  We clicked and he even said we should hang out again before we parted ways.  There was a hope and I though it was a success compared to previous dates and this seemed like a stroke of luck in the world of online dating.  Sadly, I was mistaken and guess the guy didn’t think we clicked.

After the date their was silence, nothing, nada, static.  No text or call and I thought everything went well.  I know there are some of you readers that will argue that in this time women can text first yada, yada, yada.  Well, I am kind of old fashioned and do not do the chasing or make myself sound desperate for the sake of a man.  If he is interested he should call  or text but at this point I’m not banking on anything.  So my hopes were dashed and this went downhill.  I was hopeful that a second date would happen but I guess I was wrong.  It stinks but it is what it is.

So far have not had much luck but I guess I’ll keep on trying.  Sometimes you got to keep plugging away at things until something clicks.  I’ll find a good guy one of these days.  Fingers crossed:)



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