The True Colors of Silence


Lately, I have been thinking about my time down here and my friends from up North.  There has been such a lack of effort from my Northern friends to keep our friendship going.  It is like I have dropped off of the face of the Earth and it sucks.  I have been doing what I can to keep the lines of communication open and have texted them to see how they are doing.  There was usually lack of response or they would ghost on me.  I have been friends with most of these guys and gals since high school and we were all close.  This group of friends threw me a going away party and created scrapbook documenting our friendship.  They each wrote me a letter to coincide with their scrapbook page.  After doing all of that you would think that they would want to keep in touch and are the definition of a friend but obviously they are not.

Most of them just gave up and it is so disheartening and frustrating.  Some true friends they are.  I guess actions speak louder than words in this case.  I do not expect everyday contact or incessant texting but keeping in touch would be nice.  I get that everyone has lives and some of my friends are getting married or finishing grad school which takes up a lot of time.  On the other hand some of the engaged girls want me to fly up North for their weddings but they do nothing to try and visit me or truly care about our friendship.   Those girls won’t even respond to my texts.  Those girls do all of the above and treat me like dirt and expect me to drop a grand or more to fly up for their wedding. Are you kidding me?  That is so ridiculous and I was beyond mad at that. It was like steam was coming from my ears.

I know what some of you are thinking by this point: Just confront them about their actions?  But it is easier said then done and I am afraid to lose these friends for good because they were part of my life for so long.  That is crazy to say but they way they have treated me is even worse.  One day I probably wills them why they just stopped and had very minimal contact but today is not that day.

This all shows that those guys and gals from up North showed me their true colors and it blows.  Guess you can’t trust or count on anybody these days, even the people who have known you the longest, but yourself.  Being alone is like the worst feeling ever.  Seeing all my friends happy and knowing I tried to keep in touch makes it a whole hell of a lot worse than it needs to be.  But I am making tons of strides down South by making new friends, keeping busy, and trying new things  below the Mason Dixon line.




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