Crazy about Compasses

Lately I have been fascinated with compasses.  I think it is because I am at a crossroads in my life and have no clue which direction to go in or follow.  There have been numerous changes in the past year and a half and it has literally been such a draining, tiresome, and insane year.  I guess I figured a compass would help during this unknown time or that it symbolizes what I am going through at the moment which could be any direction.

Here are some of my favorite compass jewelry and items I have been into and just had to have.

Alex and Ani Cabernet Compass Necklace and Bracelet


Ordered the necklace from the site Rue la la.  There was an Alex and Ani sale and I just had to peruse the items. This necklace spoke to me and had to be bought.  It was right for me!  Funny story about this necklace.  A few months ago my Mom and I were shopping in an Alex and Ani store and I saw the silver version of this necklace.  It was different colors, had a different chain, and was on sale but for a higher price than this one was priced at.  I wound up not purchasing the necklace but could not stop thinking about it.  When I stumbled upon this beauty of a necklace I had to have it  This was one of my favorite jewlery purchases and I am truly in love with this necklace!

Etsy Compass Coordinate Necklace: Vintagestampjewels

il_570xN.823514112_pfijThis is one of the best necklaces I have ever owned!  I love it and am always getting compliments from others about it.  The necklace is absolutely stunning and you can personalize it, pick the chain length, and select the color of the necklace.  The customization and affordable price are reasons I ordered this necklace from Vintagestampjewlery.  I could do what I wanted and it was great! 

Easy shop link:

Compass Sticker


This sticker accompanies a purchase from Etsy.  I love this sticker and it’s on my Mac at the bottom of the keyboard.  I had no idea this would be thrown in with the purchase but I love it and want another one!  It came at the perfect time too because I am going through lots of things and figuring out which direction life would take me in the next few months.

All of these compasses came at the right time in my life and it is so ironic that they did.  I am at a crossroads in my life and attempting to figure out what to do, where to go, and what direction to go in.  It has all been stressing me out and making life more complicated than it has to be.  So yay for compasses!  Hope all of the compasses that I have around me one of them will help point me int he right direction.  I need to know where I have to go and where I should land.


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