Music Mood

This week one of my Pandora stations played some of my favorite songs of the moment and it was amazing!  It was a day that I really needed it and was grateful that Pandora was feeling my mood.  The songs really helped.

American Idiot: Green Day

Numb/Encore:Linkin Park feat. Jay-Z

I Wanna Get Better: Bleachers

Big Parade: The Lumineers

Buddy Holly: Weezer

My Life Would Suck Without You: Kelly Clarkson

Misery Business: Paramore

Island in The Sun: Weezer

Fatlip: Sum- 41

Albums of the Moment

Stronger: Kelly Clarkson


She is one of my favorite American Idol winners!  She is such a talented singer and a sweet person!  This album is great and I enjoy listening to it on my commute to and from work.  I know this is an older album and Clarkson is not a popular anymore but frankly I don’t care.  I listen to whatever I am feeling and am in the mood for so that is just how it goes.  Download this album today!  You will not regret it!

How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful: Florence + The Machine


I love this album and it had been a staple on my stereo for the past couple of months!  This album is listened to on my drive home from work and really helps mellow my mood.  The one thing I love about the album is the emotions felt in the various songs. Just listening to the lyrics and way the songs are sung  just has an impact on me and I just get submersed in this album!  I am totally loving it and it may be one of my favorite ones of the year!


Weekly Wonders

The Way We Met



This instagram account and blog is truly amazing! I love reading all of the stories of how the couples met and fell in love!  The stories range from quirky, to unique, to sweet, and just unexpected.  This blog displays all types of love and how individuals encountered in different and unexpected places.  It makes me happy to see the pictures of the couples and read the story of how they met.    There is definitely hope for me and now all I need is to find my special someone and have a sweet story to go along with how we met!  Go check out the blog and instagram because it will totally 100% brighten your day!

History in High Heels


Etsy Shop:


This blog is amazing!  I love reading it and actually found the blog through Etsy.  I was looking for prints to hang in my room and found the shop HistoryinHighHeels which had gorgeous prints. I wish I could buy them all!  Well anyway I noticed that the shop was located close to where I live so I googled History in High Heels and discovered the blog.  I love it and wish I could go on the adventures and travel as much as Ashley does!  I enjoy reading her blog, admire her style,and like looking at the photos.  She takes pretty photos and does a better job than I ever could.  Her blog is awesome so go and check it out today!

States of Undress: Viceland


One night I was up late and flicking through the channels when I landed on the show States of Undress.  It intrigued me due to it’s unusual focus for a TV show so I kept on watching.  The show focuses on a different country each week and the global fashion and issues the industry often ignores, showing us what the world wears, and why.  It is so interesting to see what is popular in another country compared to the things trending in the United States.  As a viewer you get a glimpse in to the culture and beliefs of the country which is cool!  I was so hooked I wound up seeing two episodes of the show: Russia and Venezuela.  I love it and will watch this show again!  This is a show worth checking out and will help you gain an understanding of another culture, their beliefs, fashion, and current trends in the featured country.

Huffington Post Article: What Students Wore When They Were Sexually Assaulted


I feel that rape and sexual assault especially among college students across the country has been featured in the news way too much in the past months.  It surprises me how some colleges and readers of those focused articles are dismissive, negative, victim blame, or think it is never the guys fault. I am sure there can be arguments for varying sides like above but I hate how there are people out in the world who automatically bash one side over the other and sometimes for no reason.

This article features a college student’s thesis project which is focusing on what  sexually assaulted individuals were wearing when the assault happened.  The photographs are beautifully done and show that majority of victims in this case wore non-proactive clothing.  this thesis and article portrays sexual assault in a different light and focuses on items of clothing which can be powerful objects especially for the victims who wore them

Beanfields Beans and Rice Chips


These chips are seriously addicting! I just keep eating them which is totally not good because i do not want to finish the bag. I figured I would try a different snack because the same old things I was eating were getting boring.  This purchase was well worth it!  I saw this bag of chips and figured hey why not try something different and it was a good buy.  I probably shouldn’t buy these so often because they are just so yummy!


Love is in the air… just not for me


So, you know how people always say there will be a time in your life when everyone around you is getting engaged, married, or is smitten with love?  Now must be that time in life for me and it is driving me up a wall.  Majority of my childhood and college friends as well as co-workers are either engaged, getting married this year, or in a long term relationship which sucks for me because per usual I am the single one.  It totally sucks and makes me feel like I am missing out on something or screwed up somewhere in my life to be single at this point in my life.  It doesn’t help that I see or hear about friend’s wedding plans, engagement photos, or anniversary pictures/stories a lot.  Uhh either this is a sign I need to find a man soon or it is on the opposite ned of the spectrum and I’m doomed to be single forever (well probably not but you never know).

I know that I shouldn’t judge or compare myself to others but being the odd one out always sucks.  So many people are going through life changes and here I am just trying to get a date and it totally blows!  Don’t get me wrong I love how happy my friends and co-workers are, how they are so excited to get married, plan a wedding, or celebrate an anniversary with their significant other but it is hard to be the friend who always listens and at this point has no hope of finding the right one (hence the attempt at online dating).  Everyone around me has rose colored glasses on and is in love but not me and it sucks.  I mean I am by no means ready for marriage or engagement but it is hard seeing all these wedding and couple things being done by acquaintances it is so hard not to feel like I am missing out on something.  I am elated for my friends but at the same time want to feel the same things they are feeling.  Being single is fun at times but I also want what they have ( I know what you’re thinking but it has nothing to do with jealousy).

So I guess this is a post where my rambling kicked into high gear and I sound like a whiny, bratty, self centered sixteen year old but I swear I am truly not.  I am so not ready to settle down but I wouldn’t mind being in a nice relationship.  Why does  it seem so  hard to find a nice guy?  I kind of just want to be included and just met a dude that’s meant for me. It will happen at some point I know it!  I just have to find the right man!  In the meantime I will celebrate my friends’ and co-workers special days and occasions!


Tasteful Tips


There has been a frenzy of posts focused on gratuities left for the wait staff at restaurants.  I felt that I needed to share my view on the whole debacle.  First off I tip based on the quality of service I received at a restaurant not on ethnicity, age, or sexual orientation etc.  Poor service or rudeness from the waiter/waitress the less of a tip I leave at the end of the meal.  People in the food industry work long hours for minimal pay and have to deal with the public.  Both of those things are not easy at all and people can be nasty and inconsiderate of their server.  I hate that there are individuals in the world who do not leave tips based on quality of service given during a dining experience. Just look at the receipts below: the people who left both notes need to get their butts whooped or need to live off of tips to see how the life of a waiter or waitress truly is.  Maybe that would make them think twice about not leaving any tips in the future.

twinsontheway tip2

Both of the above excuses are pathetic!  The comment on the left is just plain ridiculous!  If you do not have money to tip the server due to saving money for your unborn children then you should not have gone out to eat.  If the woman was truly saving she would be cooking he meals at home.  Maybe this woman should be denied a paycheck  and she can see how it feels to no have money.

Do not even get me started on the comment on the right.  I make more than servers and leave them tips.  I would never in a million years write that as an excuse for no tip.  It is not justified and makes a person come across as an asshole.  I seriously can’t believe there are people like this in the world.

Yes, there have been times I left crappy tips but that reflects the service I received.  For example this past weekend I went out to dinner with a friend and the service sucked.  The waitress had a great personality but it went downhill from there.  She brought our waters and mine was in a to go cup and my friend’s was in a regular glass.  The waitress made some excuse that the restaurant was running out of glasses and since I got water without a lemon I got a to go cup. NOBODY else in the restaurant had a to go cup WTF?  Strike one.  Strike two was that we could not find out waitress during our meal so that we could get refills on our drinks.  Then after the meal we couldn’t find her so that we could get the check to leave.  She made it like it wasn’t a big deal but when you disappear for like a half hour or more it is a big thing.  We just wanted to leave so we could make our movie.  So I was mad with the server we had but still left a tip.  Maybe not the standard tip but I still left a tip.  Hey, working with the public is hard, frustrating, and causes waiters to be busy at times so I take all of that into account at the end of my meal.


Anyway, the better the service the better the tip I give.  I almost always leave a tip but the amount depends on service.  Most of the time I have no problems with servers but there have been certain occasions when the service was downright terrible or the server was just flat out rude to me.  This is just my two cents but it is what it is. I will  never not leave a tip based on superficial, religious, or stereotypical reasons.  It angers me that people are leaving nothing or writing nasty notes on receipts.  Come on people this needs to stop and is extremely inconsiderate.  Base the gratuity on what it is supposed to be based on: quality of service!


Lovely Lips

Lately, I have been on a makeup kick and wearing it more than I usually do during the course of the week.  This is a big deal for me because I hardly ever wear any makeup unless it is for a special occasion.  For the past few months I have been trying out various products to see what meshes with my routine and  skin. This post will be focused on lip products that have been used.  There have been a ton that have worked well and I love.  Many of the ones listed have been staples in my makeup bag since college and others have been newly found.   On a side note most if not all of my lipsticks are natural colors.  Bold colors are not my style and I look like a clown whenever I wear red or coral colors.

NARS Mitzi Sheer Lipstick


My favorite lipstick of all time!  The color is perfect it is a combination of beige,orange, and coral at least that is how I’ll describe it.    I first bought this in college and have used it nonstop.  It was basically my everyday lip color!  Sadly it has been discontinued and it sucks!  The one time I find a product that works for me and it is gone.  I do have half a stick left and use it sparingly.  I know that once it is done I will not be able to get another tube of it.

NARS Dolce Vita Sheer Lipstick

NARS Dolce

I discovered this color while browsing in Sephora recently and found my new Mitzi. Since Mitzi  is discontinued I have made it a mission to find a color that is as close to Mitzi as it can get.  This has been it!  It is natural on me and adds just a hint of color!  I love this shade and it is my new go to everyday lipstick!  Go test or buy this shade if you alerting for replacement for the NARS Mitzi or need a new natural looking lipstick.

Bobbi Brown Blue Raspberry Creamy Lip Color


This is my holy grail lip color and looks fantastic on me!  It blends perfectly with my skin tone and is not an overpowering color.  This is my other everyday  lip color.  It is a thicker lipstick than the NARS lipstick and does not last as long as the NARS lipsticks do.  However, this is a timeless, classic, and beautiful color.  It has been a staple in my makeup bag since my college days.  This is the perfect color for day or night activities and can be worn with a makeup free face.  I have done that and it has looked amazing.

Cover Girl Lip Perfection Jumbo Gloss Bomb: Ballet

I have this in two colors  and love them.  These are very sheer and light colors good for an everyday or no makeup day.  I love them because they go on easily and smoothly.  However, they do not last all day and require reapplication.  But I love that it adds subtle color to my lips and goes with multiple looks and outfits!

Soothing Lip Products

Smith’s Rosebud Salve & C.O. Bigelow Rose Salve


Both salves are very similar and smell amazing!  These are two of the best products I have used on my lips to help soothe chapped and dry lips.  These containers last a long time and can also be used on dry patches of skin!   Try these too to help save your lips they both are amazing and will become a staple in your makeup bag!

Lip Smackers Dr. Pepper and Strawberry


These are good chapsticks and I think they are fun.  Both flavors are not as good as the salves but work great.  Both of them smell good too!  I like that the Dr. Pepper balm leaves color on my lips too!

Anxiety, No trust, and Closed Off: Oh My

Stress_and_anxiety_funny copy

I think some of my biggest flaws are that I am too guarded, worrisome, an over thinker, and come across as innocent.  All of those characteristics are hindrances in life.  While some of the labels above are good in various circumstances, they can make for a deadly combination when trying to make friends, keep friends, or when dating.


It is so hard to be open with someone unless I feel that I can trust them.  I do not want to reveal too much in the beginning, it takes awhile for me to open up to someone, and takes time to earn my trust.  I guess you can say I have trust issues but I am cautious due to past experiences.  It partly stems from never knowing when someone is going to leave or go behind your back etc.  Due to events like the ones above I am closed off at first but slowly open up as time goes on.  My less than ideal approach creates chaos when making friends and an even bigger mess when dating.

I am slowly learning that it is ok to let my guard down with people and be more open.  This takes a ton of time for me and I am not comfortable with the idea.  It’s easier to put a wall up and distance myself before getting close to an individual. After college I realized that this “wall” has kept me back from making connections with people.  There were individuals who wanted to get to know me but were unable to because of the way I was so they stopped trying.  To think back to all of those lost moments and what could have beens makes me sad.  That is why I need to change my habits so they will not hold me back anymore.


Besides my lack of trust I also have anxiety which effects everything and not in good ways.  The anxiety causes me to be a worry wart, overthink, and scrutinize almost every decision I make in my life.  This is so frustrating and sometimes my anxiety is all consuming. It seeps into every crevice of my life and takes loads of energy just to try to calm my worries. Basically I spend more time worrying about past choices or future ones that it puts me at a standstill.  My mind is so engrossed in worry that sometimes it can not focus on anything else but overthinking things.  What a mess this causes and it sucks.

Over the past year I have made great strides in improving my anxiety, by being more spontaneous, forcing myself to make faster decisions, and just moving on and letting what happens happen.  I am starting to realize that events I have worried about or fretted over turned out fine or were not that big a deal to begin with.  Ugh, my brain just needs to stop making everything a big deal and it is beginning to realize that.

Everything is getting better and improving albeit slowly at times.  I have seen so many improvements in the past year and am going to continue to plow forward and becoming less anxious and eventually hardly worrisome at all!  That would make things a thousand times easier than they are now.  Just wish there were a magic button at times to make the worries stop or lessen.  But  most people would wish that for various things now wouldn’t they.  Here is to worry free or


Music Mood

It has been a long time since I have done a Music Mood post.  I try to do these at least once a week or when something inspires me but I have been slacking on these posts. From now on I will make an effort to be more consistent when it comes to my music posts.

The Lumineers: Cleopatra


I have been obsessed with the song Ophelia by the Lumineers!  It has been a while since they have come out with new material and I’m glad that it is finally happening! I used and still do listen to their older songs a lot.  I love their older songs and some of them I enjoy more than their new stuff.  It should be no surprise that I have bought the band’s new album!  Now I have some new tunes to listen to on my way to work! So, so, so excited!

Golden Age of Country


The next choice will be a shocker for your regular readers: it’s country.  But not the popular county but old school country.  My grandpa loved older country artists and songs so this is for him.  He owned The Golden Age of Country albums which are the CDs that I own now.  Sometimes I listen to them when in the mood.  They are good tracks if if you are a country song lover. Hey one of the songs is titled  Hillbilly Heaven  It does not get ore country or hick than that song title.

Flo Rida: My House


I have been obsessed with this song ever since I heard it on an ad for a TV show.  I love it and now I hear it played everywhere!  It is such a good song of the moment.

What have you been listening or jamming out to?