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The Tinder Dating Pool Isn’t Completely Shallow

Most of my dating posts have been more on the negative side of things and have probably been not the most interesting posts to read.  But that is how my experience went and there was no use in sugarcoating it. The NY Times published an article, The Tinder Dating Pool Isn’t Completely Shallow, about people that met, fell in love, and are now getting married all by swiping right on the dating app Tinder.  I always thought Tinder was an app for people to just hook up with each other and stayed far away from the app.  But the same could be said for any dating site I guess.

Anyway this article features couples who have found success on the site and how sometimes perseverance on these dating sites pays off.  Hey you are bound to kiss and date tons of frogs before you meet the one.  There is hope for me I guess I have to keep on trucking.  As for trying out Tinder I’m still on the fence about that because I never liked the app to begin with but we shall see where that goes.  But this article shows how not all of Tinder users are interested in hook ups or fwbs.  Figured this article and post will give hope to online daters mucking through the water on various dating apps and sites.

**On a side note there were other articles recently written about Tinder they are good and I linked them below**

Beyond Right Swipe

On Tinder, Taking a Swipe at Love, or Sex, or Something, in New York




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