Change on the Horizon…


My social life has been blooming since I have been in the South.  It has never been livelier except maybe during college.  Up North I kept more to myself and wasn’t up for making new friends.  Well, it was more like I tried to make new friends but none of them stuck and they became more like acquaintances.  Part of it was because I was tired of meeting the same type of people.  The place where I lived in NY had people that were afraid to leave their little island and explore the bigger one across the Hudson River.  Some of these bubble people were like the types of people you would find on Jersey Shore or Mob Wives.  Basically every person with a vowel at the end of their last name thought they were connected to the mob.  You get the picture.  Who would want a loud, mouth, obnoxious, person as friends all of the time.  I don’t mind it at times but I need a variety in my friend group.

Anyway, I have been doing many more social activities down here and it has been great.  The only down side is that there are a limited number of things to do in my area.  To get to the hopping places one needs to drive 45 minutes away which sucks at times.  But the main point is that I am finally breaking out of my shell and making friends and doing things.  It is great and better than what I was doing in NY.  The people are just all around friendlier and easier to talk to here.  It is great and makes it easier to try  and make friends!

I will keep trekking on and see if any friendships develop out of my attempts at talking to people.  On the other hand I do not know how long I will live in this area because it basically sucks.  So I shall see.  The best thing is that there are tons of positive changes going on and I love it!  Let the good times roll and the great things keep happening.  If the talking to people and making friends is going great I would love to see what other things are on the horizon.



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