Weekly Wonders

Favorite TV Shows

Law and Order SVU


My favorite TV show of all time!  I am always up for a Law and Order SVU marathon.  This show is the bomb and I love figuring out what happens before the episode ends.  Mariska Hargitay, Christopher Meloni, and Ice-T are great actors and make the show.  I have been watching this show since I was in high school and it never gets old.  It is still on the air but with some new cast members.  The newer seasons are still great and I enjoy watching them just as much as the old seasons.  This is a show that will never get old and I hope it is still on air for a few more seasons!

Master of None


Discovered this show by chance and was glad that I did. It is pretty fun and relatable especially for millennials.  I also enjoy that the characters a different than mainstream shows and a bit quirky too! Plus it is set in New York which is a plus! I love! Go check it out on Netflix.

Broad City


This show is absolutely hilarious!  I love it!  It focuses on two twenty somethings living in the city. The actresses are great and I can relate to certain things in the show.  Also, love that it is focused in New York!  Very funny show!



One of my favorite shows ever!  It is very relatable, had some realistic themes, and showed what it means to be a family.  All families go through their ups and downs in life and this show did a nice job at portraying that.  Majority of characters seemed to be likable and relatable.  One of my favorite characters from the show is Kristina Braverman played by Monica Potter.  I cannot say enough good things about the show.  It is a must watch show and should not be missed.  I believe some of the seasons can be found on Netflix.



This shows been on forever!  I remember watching the pilot episode when I was a sophomore in high school (Geeze, I’m dating myself).  It is a fabulous show and had a different theme than popular TV shows at the time.  One Tree Hill and O.C. were two of the popular shows of the time and were the complete opposite of Supernatural.  I was hooked since the first episode and watched it until I graduated college.  I stopped after that because you know life gets in the way and I was not finding the episodes as good as in the beginning of the series.  This show has been on for many years and I believe is still on the air.

Gilmore Girls


My college roommate was obsessed with this series.  She had many of the seasons on DVD.  She got me hooked on this show!  I loved it!  Occasionally we would have a Gilmore Girls night and just binge watch episodes of the show.  I loved Loreli and Rory!  Also it was cool how Jared Padalecki played Dean on this show and then he went on to play Sam in Supernatural!  This was another show that was on for a long time and one that you can watch many episodes of. Now, all the need is a reunion episode!  That would be amazing!

Veronica Mars


I loved this show!  This was a n usually focused show compared to other shows of it’s time.  Choosing a female as a lead and a tough one at that was brilliant.  Most  female leads are portrayed as girly or weak.  So it was nice to see one who wasn’t afraid to be herself or stand up for herself .  I enjoyed trying to figure out who did it before the episode ended.  For some reason I am attracted to shows that are different than popular shows of the time.

Those are my favorite shows!  There are probably more but then this  list would have been really long.


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