Instagram Faves…

Recently I have stumbles upon some new Instagram accounts that I really like, no wait love!  Most of  them focus on quotes which I absolutely love. As you know quotes are a big part of my life and I even have quote book where I write down quotes that are meaningful to me.




He is the author of Whiskey Words & a Shovel and Whiskey Words& a Shovel II.  His account has some pictures but mainly contains quotes written by him and some probably from his book.  I love his quotes and have like many of them.  The quotes seem to fit my life right now and certain circumstances I am going through.  Keep up the good work and keep the quotes coming!


Her Instagram is awesome too!  There are photos and quotes on her account and I love it!  I usually like many of her quotes too because they are relevant to my life and are just great! Quotes are different than mainstream ones you find!    Love her account!


Who doesn’t love Sex and the City!  I for one loved the show or rather the allure of living that type of lifestyle in New York City.  I found that I am a cross between Charlotte and Miranda. But my favorite character was Charlotte.  Anywho, this account has pictures and quotes from Sex and the City show.  I enjoy looking at this account and love some of the quotes featured on this account.  Many of the quotes focus on love, relationships etc.


Love, love, love this account!  The pictures and stories of the people form NY are great!  I enjoy reading them and seeing the micro fashion posts of the kids. The kids are so adorable and their styles are unique.  The kids he photographs are so young and they are just too cute.


I enjoy looking at the pictures and quotes on this account! It was created by Eljay Aguillo and he has a website too (link above).  I love his Instagram and love how everyone has a different reason for venturing or living in the Big Apple.  It is great to read them all.  Plus, there are beautiful pictures of NYC in addition to the individual’s quote.  Check it out and follow his account today!


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