Say What You Mean…


Why does dating always feel like a game?  That’s probably because it is and it’s getting annoying (at least for me).  As I get older I’m over the stupid games and innuendos that come along with dating.  We’re all adults here so let’s just cut to the chase.  Just state what you are looking for makes it easier than beating around the bush when it comes to online dating.  If you are looking for friends with benefits or casual sex make it known.  It will make it easier to find someone else who is looking for the same thing.  No time is wasted with people who want something different.

This whole online dating thing is filled with mixed messages.  There are guys who have messaged me and we’ve had a conversation only to find out that all they want is fwb or a hook up while they are in the area.  Those are things those guys should have put in their profile so a woman looking for those things can contact them.  Also, guys should only contact women looking for the same thing.  My profile or pics does not say or give the message of casual sex or hook-up so obviously don’t message me about those things.  To alleviate all of this just say what you mean and mean wha you say.  Things are a lot clearer that way.






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