The Struggle is Real …

This whole online dating thing has become so annoying frustrating, and at times quite funny.  The struggle to find a nice, decent, not wanting a hook, man is real.  There are times I thought it would work out with a man but it never did.



This has occurred a lot recently.  Two guys I was in the middle of good conversations with just stopped responding.  It’s fine if you’re no longer interested but since we’ve been talking for a bit it doesn’t take tons of time to say you’re moving on.

Sometimes I can tell this is going to happen by their lack of questions in messages.  We ask each other questions and then it will start to dwindle.  He will respond to questions and messages but will not ask any questions of his own.  This sucks but it just makes it easier to move on.

2. The I just want sex but am not going to outright say it guy


This one guy seemed awesome and I was hopeful things would work out.  Everything started normal and was going swell or so I thought.  Our job situations and location were not ideal.  We didn’t have the same days off during the week and live about two hours away.  I was more than willing to meet up halfway he was not so keen on the idea.  He would rather me drive out to where he lives and then in his words stay over his apartment and I can sleep in his bed and he would sleep on an air mattress in the living room.  Alarm bells should have gone off at him even suggesting that idea but they didn’t.  There was no way I was staying over at his place but he didn’t offer in a creepy way so I declined and we kept texting.  The texting escalated to sexting. Still asked him about meeting up but kind of got brushed off and was told that I could meet in his town and stay over and should have taken that as another red flag.  But I didn’t because he was so cute.  Then he wanted to be Facebook friends and at that point I was like what are you 16 just grow some balls and meet up with me in person.  At this point I figured a regular meet up besides one at his town or place wasn’t going to happen.  Then, I just stopped responding to his texts.

Moral of the story is that he only wanted sex.  He did not want to truly know me.  It turns out I knew more about him then he did about me. Which is weird because if he truly wanted to hook up with someone he could have found someone close to his house.  Looking back this whole thing was weird and if he really wanted a hook up then he could have found a woman in his town.  He spent so much effort talking to me when we didn’t live close and could have spent that effort meeting someone from his town.  This whole situation baffled me in the end.  Why did this guy even start texting/messaging me? This dude was a major waste of my time. He should hook up with a woman from his town.

3. The Obsessive guy


Everything was going well with this guy.  We were planning on meeting up until he suggested that our first meet up take place at his apartment.  Hell no was I going to a stranger’s place.  I was like coffee or a drink is better and he said no.  He kept saying he was very shy and wanted me to go to his place so we could cook together and play board games.  Should have stopped talking to him at that point but he was nice and wanted to get to know me.  Well it was a mistake to keep the conversation going with this guy.  He got really obsessive and assumed we were heading for a relationship.  I would say I’m going out and he would be like it’s with another guy.  He just kept texting, wanted to meet, thought we were meant to be together.  So that was the end of this guy.  He could not take a hint, kept texting me, and I blocked his number.


As of now still looking to meet a guy that is not one of the above and will be a good match with me.  So, I’ll just keep trucking on.



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