Weekly Wonders

Denino’s Pizzeria



My favorite pizza place!  It’s a local place that my family would frequent.  This  pizzeria is amazing and they make the best broccoli rabe pie (bottom pizza in above pic)!  It is the best! I would pay for this place to ship a pie to me down here, it’s just that good!  The South needs to create pizza like this!

Grandma Slice


This is my favorite slice of pizza!  I love it so much and would prefer this type of slice over plain any day!  One of the best types of pizza ever!  It’s light yummy and different than a regular slice of pizza.

Wo Hop: 17 Mott Street Downstairs



My favorite Chinese food place!  Seriously this is a complete cross between a hole in the wall and a dive  type of place.  The food is banging and the prices are reasonable.  Also, the restaurant is pretty much running 24-7.  Where else can you get fried dumplings at 2 am?  Here you can get what you want when you want it because they are open everyday from 10 am- 7 am!  Miss places like this!  Wo-Hop come down South!  Where I currently live everything closes early womp, womp.  It sucks  because you can’t just run out and get a quart of milk at 10 pm.   Where I lived in NY I could do that all the time or go get snacks anytime but down here no it’s not possible!  Also, the Chinese food sucks and is horrible down here.  I have not had decent Chinese since I left NY and I miss it like crazy!  The solution would be for me to open my own Wo-Hop!

SanPellegrino Aranciata Rosa


This is the best drink and reminds me of my trip to Italy. Italy had some different drinks including blood orange juice which I have yet to find in the states.  The blood orange juice over there is not like the drink above. This is a good replacement for the Italian one and I love it!  It is amazing but a bit high in sugar so it is only consumed around the holidays or for a special treat.

Digestive Cookies


I love these cookies!  It is funny how I discovered them: I went to a huge Bed Bath and Beyond near my old job and picked up a pack from their food section and was hooked.  these are the best to dunk in milk or coffee!  I can eat them all day everyday!  The best is they are sold in my local supermarket! yay! These are the best when dipped in hot tea.


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