In a New York State of Mind

Recently I have been homesick for NYC.  This was evidenced in one of my recent posts Charming the South.  Transitioning from NY to the south is never an easy change to make.  Since NY was on my mind I thought I would write about the city I love. It just happened that in the past few days I have stumbled upon NY posts or things focused on NY.  I have been in a NY State of Mind.  These items and articles are all about NY one of the best cities in the world!

ForgottenNY: Secrets of Hunter College


I enjoyed this article because it was about my alma mater.  Hunter College is an amazing institutuion and I enjoyed my time there.  This is a top college in NYC and the academics they offer are fabulous.  There is such a variety of courses and majors you can explore.  This article is not focused on the academics but on architecture and a bit of the history of the college.  I loved it and learned some new tidbits about my school.

Humans of New York


Most people have heard of Humans of NY at this point in time.  I enjoy looking at the pictures and stories on my Instagram feed!  I enjoy the pictures because they are of all types of people of all ages and from all walks of life. Plus, majority of the pictures are taken of people in NYC except when a specific issue or cause if the focus. Go check it out you will not regret it!  Eventually I want to buy the Humans of NY book to keep on my bookshelf or coffee table!

27 Reasons You Should Live in NY


This was reminiscent of my NY days and all the reasons listed are pretty true.  If you ever get the chance even if it’s only for the summer, a long vacation, or an internship to live in NYC do it.  It will be an awesome experience and one you will not regret.  Just do it and somehow everything will fall into place for the time you’re there.   Now if only the rent prices would drop so that I can move back there permanently! That will only happen if I hit Lotto!


Goodbye to All That: Writers on Loving and Leaving New York


This book is amazing and holds a place in my heart because I can relate to the emotions and stories of the authors.  Also, I had to deal with the emotions of leaving NY and saying see you soon because I hate saying goodbye to the city that I love.  This book is worth a read and will help you get a sense of the old NYC, present NYC, and different views from different folks.  I love this book and makes me feel like I am at home!

50 Greatest Quotes About New York City


Quotes are my thing and nothing can sum up how I feel about NY other than quotes of others.  The 50 quotes above adequately sum up  my feelings of NY and show how great a city it is!  NY will forever be the best city and the one I long to go back to back and live the rest of my days!



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