Mundane Messages …

If I get another poorly written, generic, or just plain dumb message from a guy I will scream or possibly throw my laptop out the window (ok not really these things are expensive).  Throughout the course of my online dating experience many men have sent horrible, creepy, or ungrammatical messages.  Receiving those messages annoy me and just show that some guys put in no effort when online dating.  Those guys are just looking to get laid or for a short term fling. I really hate, hate, hate reading those types of messages and send them straight to the trash.

Note to the guys out there: when writing and sending messages to girls avoid messages like the ones below.  These type of messages will not land you a nice girl and really annoy women, especially ones like me, but I guess if you’re sending messages like the ones below I guess you are interested in a certain type of woman.  Also, not all women appreciate or like getting these types of messages.  Nothing in my profile hints that I want a hook up, causal sex, or a one night stand etc.  But I guess that is what these guys are after and will just spam most women with these ridiculous messages.


Hi! Sooo I’m a driven athletic doc visiting the area. Just recently out of a relationship so for once I’m not denying myself some fun. I’d love to meet a sexy fun woman to spend some quality time with. I’m 6’3″ athletic and disclaimer – extremely well hung (huge donkey dick) lol. I’d love to make a woman feel good and hopefully satisfy some desires whether it be for just sensual fun or if she just needs a good slow deep stroke to orgasm experience because well she deserves it! Lol. Life is stressful enough right? we are both adults and life is short. I’d be happy to email a few pics if this sparks your interest 🙂

 Just no, guys these type of messages do not make you look appealing or dateable and is the dude above for real? No, just no I don’t care how well you’re hung. Nice try dude but you’re barking up the wrong tree.

Hey beautiful!

Ok this is a generic message and these are the worst.   They range from hi to hello gorgeous to hey babe.  I hate when guys insert beautiful, pretty, gorgeous etc. into a message thinking it will up their chances of a response.  I have never met you so please don’t call me beautiful.  You clearly send these short intros to multiple women in hopes of a reply.  For future reference read my profile and comment on something we have in common or do a witty first messages to up your chances at a response.

Full figured women are very beautiful to me.

Again with the the whole beautiful thing.  You don’t even know me and it is blatantly obvious that you didn’t even read my profile.  It’s like why did I write a profile if no guys are going to read it or even skim it.

How much does a polar bear wiegh:)

Really dude!  How is this supposed to intrigue me to answer your message.  Also, have you heard of spell check?

What type of panties are you wearing and how do they feel?

One man and I were messaging for awhile and it was going well until he decided to ask me the above question. Really dude? In the middle of our conversation you decide to ask this and it creeped me out.  SO women beware of the nice dudes who turn creepy.

Moved to _______recently. if we start dating we will probably break up because I work too much unless you work too much too then were probably perfect for each other. intelligence and a passion for learning and exploring are all I want. an equal partner to keep me in line and help me always be growing. Or even just somebody who read a book that blew their mind and can’t wait to tell me about it. Since I don’t have time to raise a puppy if you have a pet I may play with it more than you, sorry.

Really dude! This was his profile.  If you’re too busy with work to date than why even bother doing online dating? Also you need to capitalize the first letter of your sentences.  Why would you message me or any woman for that matter when you make it clear that you are too busy to really do anything or than work.  Im sorry but I don’t want to waste my time talking to you if you can’t even hang out.

At least the messages have been entertaining throughout this process and eventually I’ll find a guy I’m compatible with and who is worth my time.


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