Weekly Wonders

The Walking Dead


This is my favorite show ever!  I love it and will be very sad whenever this series ends.  I look forward to watching this show every Sunday. I cannot say enough good things about the show.  I have been a fan since the first season and have been hooked ever since.

 Terreno Reversible Tote by Miss Allbright


The best tote bag I have purchased in a very long time!  I have had this brown and black beauty since the holidays but have not used it until recently.  Got this tote during a sale Anthropologie had and just knew we were meant to be.  This tote is durable, roomy, and fits comfortably over the shoulder. It can hold loads of things.  I took it to work one day and fit: my wallet, 13 in Macbook Air, phone charger, laptop charger, glasses, makeup case, water bottle, journal, reading book etc.  So if you use it for school there will be plenty of room for your laptop, textbooks, and other items..  This tote will last me a long time!

Road Tripping 90 year old 



Found the lovely article and it helped brighten my day.  This woman has a terminal cancer diagnosis and is still living life to the fullest.  Definitely puts my life into perspective and makes me realize that I need to live life to the fullest everyday.  Also, I shouldn’t fear growing old but I still do like I’m not going to achieve all that I want to.  But I guess it’s ok if I don’t and I just need to live life in the moment and appreciate everything around me.  Read this article it was a good one.

Theresa Caputo


I love her!  Her personality is the best and her show isn’t too shabby either.  I’m not sure I buy into the whole medium thing but for me it’s her personality and likability that steal the show.  The only way that I will believe fully believe in what she does is if she gives me a reading off camera and says something only I would know about the person coming through.



I am a quote fanatic and just love collecting quotes!  I have notebooks full of quotes from people, musicians, songs, and books I’ve read. Sometimes I’ll include them in letters or cards Iw rite to people.  Often, I look at me of the quotes because they help motivate or inspire me during tough times. I love quotes so figured I’d include it on my weekly wonders.  Sometimes the quotes of others resonate with me or my circumstance or what I am thinking at the time.  Sometimes they just communicate how you feel at that moment.


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