Charming the South

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This whole southern living thing is not working out for me.  I am trying my hardest to fit in down here and it is not working whatsoever.  I mean everything I am trying is just leading to more frustration.  I miss my hometown and city so much!  I wish the funds magically appeared so that I can go back and live near my old place!  That would be wonderful and make me so happy!  I bet I would even pick up where I left off and it would feel like no time has passed  (I hope)!  So, far I’m making the best of situation.  While I’m doing this whole southern living thing I figured I’d try to charm the south while I’m here and see what their lacking and what I’m loving while living here.

The Good

Beautiful weather

Many outdoor activities

Newer roads with no pot holes

More laid back living than up north

Can swim all year round

I can wear my Birks and sandals all year round

Friendlier people

Pretty beaches

No more shoveling snow or raking leaves

The Bad

Lights aka you’re sitting at them light for like 10 min

Lack of stores seriously it sucks. The closest decent mall in 30 min. away

Summer weather: it’s feels like I am living in a sauna and it sucks

Bugs, snakes, critters oh my!  There are so many more creatures here than in NY

No transportation someone from a city is not used to driving everywhere

No good Italian, Chinese food, pizza, or bakeries

No season changes

The drivers suck here like way worse than NY

Everything is so spread out and you need to drive everywhere

Lack of culture like museums and food variety etc.

How I Deal

Well, I basically ranted before so now I must find the brighter and more positive side of this situation.  Basically I figured I’d bring my northern NY ways to the south. Ill try to charm the south.  I am learning new things from being down here and I hope to impart what I know to others.  I have already done that about NYC because numerous co-workers have.  Eventually I’ll make it back to my hometown or somewhere near by NYC.  The south is not my forever home.  A NYer I’ll always be!!

P.S.: Surprisingly there are more great things than I thought.  Maybe I’ll learn to live down here, who knows.  I just need to think positive and be optimistic because that is what will get time through everything!


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