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The Tinder Dating Pool Isn’t Completely Shallow

Most of my dating posts have been more on the negative side of things and have probably been not the most interesting posts to read.  But that is how my experience went and there was no use in sugarcoating it. The NY Times published an article, The Tinder Dating Pool Isn’t Completely Shallow, about people that met, fell in love, and are now getting married all by swiping right on the dating app Tinder.  I always thought Tinder was an app for people to just hook up with each other and stayed far away from the app.  But the same could be said for any dating site I guess.

Anyway this article features couples who have found success on the site and how sometimes perseverance on these dating sites pays off.  Hey you are bound to kiss and date tons of frogs before you meet the one.  There is hope for me I guess I have to keep on trucking.  As for trying out Tinder I’m still on the fence about that because I never liked the app to begin with but we shall see where that goes.  But this article shows how not all of Tinder users are interested in hook ups or fwbs.  Figured this article and post will give hope to online daters mucking through the water on various dating apps and sites.

**On a side note there were other articles recently written about Tinder they are good and I linked them below**

Beyond Right Swipe

On Tinder, Taking a Swipe at Love, or Sex, or Something, in New York




Change on the Horizon…


My social life has been blooming since I have been in the South.  It has never been livelier except maybe during college.  Up North I kept more to myself and wasn’t up for making new friends.  Well, it was more like I tried to make new friends but none of them stuck and they became more like acquaintances.  Part of it was because I was tired of meeting the same type of people.  The place where I lived in NY had people that were afraid to leave their little island and explore the bigger one across the Hudson River.  Some of these bubble people were like the types of people you would find on Jersey Shore or Mob Wives.  Basically every person with a vowel at the end of their last name thought they were connected to the mob.  You get the picture.  Who would want a loud, mouth, obnoxious, person as friends all of the time.  I don’t mind it at times but I need a variety in my friend group.

Anyway, I have been doing many more social activities down here and it has been great.  The only down side is that there are a limited number of things to do in my area.  To get to the hopping places one needs to drive 45 minutes away which sucks at times.  But the main point is that I am finally breaking out of my shell and making friends and doing things.  It is great and better than what I was doing in NY.  The people are just all around friendlier and easier to talk to here.  It is great and makes it easier to try  and make friends!

I will keep trekking on and see if any friendships develop out of my attempts at talking to people.  On the other hand I do not know how long I will live in this area because it basically sucks.  So I shall see.  The best thing is that there are tons of positive changes going on and I love it!  Let the good times roll and the great things keep happening.  If the talking to people and making friends is going great I would love to see what other things are on the horizon.


Weekly Wonders

Favorite TV Shows

Law and Order SVU


My favorite TV show of all time!  I am always up for a Law and Order SVU marathon.  This show is the bomb and I love figuring out what happens before the episode ends.  Mariska Hargitay, Christopher Meloni, and Ice-T are great actors and make the show.  I have been watching this show since I was in high school and it never gets old.  It is still on the air but with some new cast members.  The newer seasons are still great and I enjoy watching them just as much as the old seasons.  This is a show that will never get old and I hope it is still on air for a few more seasons!

Master of None


Discovered this show by chance and was glad that I did. It is pretty fun and relatable especially for millennials.  I also enjoy that the characters a different than mainstream shows and a bit quirky too! Plus it is set in New York which is a plus! I love! Go check it out on Netflix.

Broad City


This show is absolutely hilarious!  I love it!  It focuses on two twenty somethings living in the city. The actresses are great and I can relate to certain things in the show.  Also, love that it is focused in New York!  Very funny show!



One of my favorite shows ever!  It is very relatable, had some realistic themes, and showed what it means to be a family.  All families go through their ups and downs in life and this show did a nice job at portraying that.  Majority of characters seemed to be likable and relatable.  One of my favorite characters from the show is Kristina Braverman played by Monica Potter.  I cannot say enough good things about the show.  It is a must watch show and should not be missed.  I believe some of the seasons can be found on Netflix.



This shows been on forever!  I remember watching the pilot episode when I was a sophomore in high school (Geeze, I’m dating myself).  It is a fabulous show and had a different theme than popular TV shows at the time.  One Tree Hill and O.C. were two of the popular shows of the time and were the complete opposite of Supernatural.  I was hooked since the first episode and watched it until I graduated college.  I stopped after that because you know life gets in the way and I was not finding the episodes as good as in the beginning of the series.  This show has been on for many years and I believe is still on the air.

Gilmore Girls


My college roommate was obsessed with this series.  She had many of the seasons on DVD.  She got me hooked on this show!  I loved it!  Occasionally we would have a Gilmore Girls night and just binge watch episodes of the show.  I loved Loreli and Rory!  Also it was cool how Jared Padalecki played Dean on this show and then he went on to play Sam in Supernatural!  This was another show that was on for a long time and one that you can watch many episodes of. Now, all the need is a reunion episode!  That would be amazing!

Veronica Mars


I loved this show!  This was a n usually focused show compared to other shows of it’s time.  Choosing a female as a lead and a tough one at that was brilliant.  Most  female leads are portrayed as girly or weak.  So it was nice to see one who wasn’t afraid to be herself or stand up for herself .  I enjoyed trying to figure out who did it before the episode ended.  For some reason I am attracted to shows that are different than popular shows of the time.

Those are my favorite shows!  There are probably more but then this  list would have been really long.

Instagram Faves…

Recently I have stumbles upon some new Instagram accounts that I really like, no wait love!  Most of  them focus on quotes which I absolutely love. As you know quotes are a big part of my life and I even have quote book where I write down quotes that are meaningful to me.





He is the author of Whiskey Words & a Shovel and Whiskey Words& a Shovel II.  His account has some pictures but mainly contains quotes written by him and some probably from his book.  I love his quotes and have like many of them.  The quotes seem to fit my life right now and certain circumstances I am going through.  Keep up the good work and keep the quotes coming!



Her Instagram is awesome too!  There are photos and quotes on her account and I love it!  I usually like many of her quotes too because they are relevant to my life and are just great! Quotes are different than mainstream ones you find!    Love her account!



Who doesn’t love Sex and the City!  I for one loved the show or rather the allure of living that type of lifestyle in New York City.  I found that I am a cross between Charlotte and Miranda. But my favorite character was Charlotte.  Anywho, this account has pictures and quotes from Sex and the City show.  I enjoy looking at this account and love some of the quotes featured on this account.  Many of the quotes focus on love, relationships etc.



Love, love, love this account!  The pictures and stories of the people form NY are great!  I enjoy reading them and seeing the micro fashion posts of the kids. The kids are so adorable and their styles are unique.  The kids he photographs are so young and they are just too cute.




I enjoy looking at the pictures and quotes on this account! It was created by Eljay Aguillo and he has a website too (link above).  I love his Instagram and love how everyone has a different reason for venturing or living in the Big Apple.  It is great to read them all.  Plus, there are beautiful pictures of NYC in addition to the individual’s quote.  Check it out and follow his account today!

Keeping it Old School



There has been so much old school music being played on the radio and my Pandora stations that I needed to share.  These songs sent megabuck t my high school and middle school days.  It was glad to hear different music than just the top 10 songs of the moment.  Those songs just get overplayed and are not as good as some songs of the past.

Honestly: Hot Chelle Rae

Memory: Sugarcult

No Scrubs:TLC

All The Small Things: Blink-182

Sugar We’re Goin Down: Fall Out Boy

Bad Day: Daniel Powter

Dirty Little Secret: The All American Rejects

Leavin’: Jesse McCartney

American Idiot: Green Day

Ocean Avenue: Bowling for Soup

Lose Yourself: Eminem

Face Down: The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus

Adam’s Song: Blink-182

Don’t Phunk With My Heart: The Black Eyed Peas

Lady Marmalade: Christina Aguilera, Lil’ Kim, May, Pink

(There’s Gotta Be More) To Life: Stacie Orrico

So Yesterday: Hilary Duff

Girlfriend: Avril Lavigne


Say What You Mean…


Why does dating always feel like a game?  That’s probably because it is and it’s getting annoying (at least for me).  As I get older I’m over the stupid games and innuendos that come along with dating.  We’re all adults here so let’s just cut to the chase.  Just state what you are looking for makes it easier than beating around the bush when it comes to online dating.  If you are looking for friends with benefits or casual sex make it known.  It will make it easier to find someone else who is looking for the same thing.  No time is wasted with people who want something different.

This whole online dating thing is filled with mixed messages.  There are guys who have messaged me and we’ve had a conversation only to find out that all they want is fwb or a hook up while they are in the area.  Those are things those guys should have put in their profile so a woman looking for those things can contact them.  Also, guys should only contact women looking for the same thing.  My profile or pics does not say or give the message of casual sex or hook-up so obviously don’t message me about those things.  To alleviate all of this just say what you mean and mean wha you say.  Things are a lot clearer that way.





Weekly Wonders

Lip Smacker Dr. Pepper


Love this lip balm!  I started using it in middle school so when I found it in Target I had to pick one up.  I love the smell of this lip balm and love how it also leaves a small pop of color on my lips.  I know I probably seem like I’m twelve because I use this but it seriously is the best lip balm ever.


IMG_3877 IMG_3878

I’m in the process of re-doing my room and have been looking for a comforter or quilt to fit my bed.  After weeks of searching I have found the one! It matches perfectly and I love it! It is so beautiful and helps bring character and warmth into the room. Better yet it is reversible and I can change the pattern whenever I want!

Peet’s Coffee Grinds


I mentioned this coffee shop in one of my Chicago posts and enjoyed their coffee.  Well lo and behold the grounds and full bean bags a re sold at my local Target.  I was on the hunt for a new coffee because I used up one of my favorite Intelligentsia bags.  My wandering eyes found the Peet’s bag and of course I had to buy it!  It tastes amazing and I have been using it all week!

Staples Sonix Gel pen and BIC Pilot Pens



Writing and making lists is something that I love to do!  These are two of my favorite pens to write with!  I love them and always have a few lying around the house and in my bag.  Love these pens!

Picture Frames


As you know I am redoing my room and have been testing out various design ideas.  Something I want to try is putting pictures and prints in frames I found.  The frames are all various sizes so I think it will look nice and I am excited to hang them up.  This is an awesome idea because it will be easy to swap out frames, pictures/prints, and move around the frames on the wall.  Not my house or frames in the photo above. Have any of you tried this?  If so, How did the frames turn out?