Dating Dilemma … My fault?

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The below post kind of makes me feel both of these things from the date I had with a guy recently.

So, I ruined my chance with a great guy.  It sucks and is mainly my fault or so I think.  I’m kicking myself for not trying harder to plan another meet up with him. It is so hard to find a decent guy now a days, at least for me, that  I was excited about this guy. I guess he’ll be called nice guy because well he was nice during  our first meet up. But part of me thinks it’s both our faults that nothing else happened and not one hundred percent mine. Read on and give advice/feedback please.  Now onto the real issue: after our initial meet up he texted me that night and it continued throughout the week.  I was hopeful that there would be a second date or meet up but as the week progressed the hope faded.

On Friday night he texted saying he had no plans that weekend and would I want to hang out?  I was out of town that weekend and let him know that I would love to meet up but already had plans. He also asked really last minute.  I was probably his back up plan bc his other plans fell through or he’s just really awkward at asking girls out.  After that I heard nothing, nada, zero from him the whole weekend into Monday.  Now my anxiety kicked in and I was like I should have suggested an alternate weekend for us to plan something etc. but I didn’t.  Now all I was doing was obsessing about this and about how I blew it.  Monday I texted him to see how his weekend was and again we texted during the week and then he went silent for almost three days.  I get that everybody has lives and I don’t expect incessant texting.  All of a sudden he texted me yesterday, Saturday, but nothing about meeting up. Basically we texted Saturday and I haven’t heard from him since yesterday.  I asked about his weekend and he said he had no plans but had plans the following weekend.  Maybe that was a hint for me to ask for or plan a date/ hang out?  If it was I didn’t get it, wait let me re-phrase that: it took me awhile to get it.  At that point it was late to figure something out because it would have been extremely last minute.  Why, couldn’t he just ask me out or hint better or ask earlier?  Guys can be confusing sometimes.  Also, I am a bit old fashioned when it comes to dating and think the guy should take the lead on the first and second dates.  Maybe the guy just wanted me to plan the date idk but for some reason I think it’s my fault that it didn’t work out with this guy.  Help?

So, was this situation totally my fault? Should I have suggested an alternate weekend or planned something for today (Sunday)?  Did I blow it? Be honest and/or blunt it’s best to just say it like it is.  I feel like this whole situation is a gray area and can sway either way.  Any assistance is appreciated! Thanks!!



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