Jumping Around Jumper Cables



So life has been pretty crazy lately and ironic events have been happening in my life.  One of these stories focuses on batteries and jumper cables.  A co-worker’s car battery died twice last week and she had to have her car jumped.  The other day I mentioned this to my dad and asked about keeping  jumper cables in both of our cars just in case a battery died. I checked my car and had them in my trunk.  I did not think anything more of it until this morning. My dad went to use his car and the battery died: talk about coincidence and ironic.  What was surprising is that he has a less than 2yr old car so the battery should be in working order.  Well good thing I had jumper cables because I had to jump his car.  So we both joked about the fact that I just mentioned it the day before.  It was a funny story that I thought I would share because this is how my life usually works.

The above story is how my life has been going lately and its rather annoying.  It’s just been a crazy time in my life and it just keeps getting crazier by the day. So, I’ll see where it goes from here.  It can be great or go bad.  I figure I have a fifty fifty shot.



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