Weekly Wonders

Compass Coordinate Necklace

I have wanted one of these necklaces forever but could never find the right kind or one in my price range.  Most of the styles I found were the bar necklaces which were not my style. Finally, I found the perfect on for me with the perfect price.  This necklace is absolutely stunning it comes in different lengths and colors too!

Shop:  vintagestampjewels


Leather Journal

As you probably guessed writing is one of my favorite things to do to relax or de-stress from day.  It is a also a way for me to document what is going on in my life.  There is no better way to do that then with a fabulous journal.  I found gorgeous leather journals for a reasonable price on Etsy and had to have one. I would seriously order all of them if I could.

Shop: PAHandmadeJournal


Lucky Brand Moccasins

My new favorite shoes.  I love wearing them around!  Mainly I wear them as slippers because they are so comfortable. These shoes would get a lot more use outside the house if I was up North and the weather was colder.  Wish I had another pair because I absolutely love these moccasins!  They are so comfy!


Born This Way

I have been watching this show from the beginning and enjoy it.  It is real, raw, emotional, and authentic. Love it!  you should check it out!

The Valentine’s Day Reese’s Commercial

This is such a cute commercial and I loved seeing it when it played on TV. I loved it because I am not a fan of the whole Valentine’s Day holiday.  It is just a Hallmark holiday and nothing more.  I have the whole year to celebrate my significant other.  So this commercial was perfect and I would love for some to tell me I got Reese’s! Yes , this did happen!  One of my students got me a huge Reese’s heart for Valentine’s Day! It is delicious!


Talenti Black Raspberry Chocolate Chip


OMG I am in love with this gelato!  It is a great flavor, almost as good as the pistachio flavor, and I love it.  These gelato are the best and I have tried some of their flavors.

My favorites are: Sicilian Pistachio, Salted Peanut Caramel, Mediterranean Mint


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