Dating Dilemmas…Am I Done?



So, I hit a brick wall with all of the online dating shenanigans.  At first I was hopeful that I would go on a few dates and eventually have a relationship down the road but no my experiences have not been turning out that way.  Most guys I message or who message me only want ,you guessed it, hookups, pics , or sex.   That sucks because I don’t do any of those things, I am not saying I have never done this things, but not for awhile ago. On the particular site I am using there are numerous guys who just want sex and some are just blunt about it from the get-go and others seem normal and get creepy later on.  There are a bunch of the latter guys that I just mentioned, we would start texting or messaging on the site and it would get creepy like what panties are you wearing?etc. I am just frustrated by this because I’m not looking for a hook up or random sex.  I’m sick of it and just want to find a guy who wants to date and eventually have a relationship.. So, I’m just tired of guys wanting to use me and other women for sex all the time.  I’m sorry but that’s not all I’m good for or at.  So frustrated, I mean I figured I’d encounter some guys like that but not as many as I have.  Ugh, getting tired of and starting to get  over this online dating thing.  Maybe I should just be single for the rest of my days because this whole online dating thing is getting frustrating.  But I guess my curiosity will always get the better of me and I’ll keep on trucking for at least a little while longer.  Wish me luck?


Does anyone else get annoyed or have any gripes about online dating?

Some stellar first messages from stellar guys just as they typed them.  We have some real winners in this bunch lmao:

I really liked your profile. Would u consider a mutually beneficial relationship? I’m to busy with my career for a traditional relationship but don’t want to be all work and no play. I’m 100% drug/disease free and successful 🙂  (really dude come on)

Damn girl!! You are so beautiful you made me forget my pick up line….how was your day?

When I sow your picture I dropped my drink, so you owe me a drink​

I have to admit, you’re the perfect mix of classy and badass.  I’m impressed. (too general and you clearly didn’t read my profile but do any of the guys really read them)


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