Youtube Video Watching

So, my life update post caused me to reflect on Youtubers I occasionally watch and which ones stood out to me.  Manny moons ago I was in search of makeup videos for applying eyeliner and foundation but didn’t bargain that I would find more than that.  That was my first experience with Youtuber channels.  Over the years I have found channels I dug and some not so much, no hate here just weren’t my style or of interest to me.  Decided to make a list of some of my favorite Youtubers which I watch sometimes.  Yes, some of the creators of the channels are way younger than me but are super talented at what they do.

Favorite Youtubers


I love,love Katy!  She is also about my sisters age and I stumbled upon her channel while looking up another video.  I am glad that I did because her videos are real and show how she is feeling.  Katy is also good at makeup and love her natural look.


Olena reminds me so much of my sister and is the same age as Pep.  I love her makeup looks and wish that I had her makeup skills!   She is true to herself and honest which makes me lover her videos even more. I discovered her channel by chance and love seeing her makeup videos.  Lena also has a blog channel where she keeps subscribers updated about her life.

Ellie and Jared

They are one happy family! Their kids are adorable.  Love seeing their videos about what they are up too!


Love her!  Loey is so body positive, stylish,and true to herself!  I enjoy watching her makeup videos!  She is just an honest, positive, and bubbly person!  Check out her channel and videos


A makeup guru who has such a bubbly personality.  I love her videos because she is so upbeat and films in an awesome makeup room!  Love seeing what products or looks she films!


I love her!  Minette is very sweet and is an educator like me! Her channel is growing and I love watching her videos.  She includes a wide range of products many of which are affordable and will not break my budget! Keep up the good work Minette!


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