Life Lately

So life has been an emotional whirlwind lately.  Basically, I have felt overwhelmed, over emotional, contemplating life decisions, and reflecting on my past.  Looking at the past does not seem to do anyone, or maybe it’s just me, any good ever.  All these thoughts and decisions flying through my head and causing my anxiety to skyrocket through the roof. Seriously, it’s like my brain can not handle all of these life decisions and emotions regarding the past.  Sometimes to help destress and stop thinking of all the craziness I just watch some youtube videos or look for inspiration on the internet.  Basically this is a distraction from my problems but helps in the moment.

While doing my usual browsing I found two videos that made me realize that maybe I tend to over think things, make things bigger than they are, just need to live in the moment, and realize that it’s ok to make mistakes or fuck up once in awhile.


Katy from HelloKaty  is an awesome, positive, and realistic person.  She is a bit younger than me and the same age as my sister.  But she is true to herself and a good role model for young girls.  Stumbled upon this gem of a video link below and it was perfect topic and much needed for the mood I was in. Check out the video below.



Sarah of SarahBelle93X knows so much about makeup, and fashion, and fashionable items.  Stumbled upon the video below and caused me to think: here is a girl younger than me who made mistakes, realized it’s okay, and learned from them.  I should do the same as an adult and realized from this that everything will work itself out and I’ll be ok in the end.  Check out her video Dear 18 year old self.


Both of these young women are great at what they do and true to themselves!  So ladies if you both read this thanks for brightening up my day and making get my crazy day and thoughts in check!  Check out both channels the videos are amazing!



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