Windy City Wonders: Coffee

Chicagoans are dead serious about their  coffee.  Starbucks just doesn’t cut it in this city.  Sometimes people literally scoff at the people entering a Starbucks.  Most people go to a local coffee shop opposed to Starbucks.  People use local spots which are not as commercialized as a Starbucks however a few are.  Being a coffee lover and hopefully one day a coffee connoisseur I needed to quench my coffee fix when I visited the Windy City.

A few weeks ago I visited my sister, Pep, who lives in Chicago and recently moved into a  new apartment.  Her new place has tons of coffee shops nearby!  Hooray!  So I was more than stoked to try as many as I could when I visited.  Let’s just say I tried a bunch of different brews and was way, way, way overcaffinated for part of my stay.  Honestly, I didn’t think my body could handle so much caffeine but it did.  I was happy that drank all of the coffee because I had some of the best brews I’ve had  in along time.  So let me stop rambling and dive deep into the depths of the coffee city and its brews.

Peet’s Coffee and Tea 


This is a chain but so far have only seen it in Chicago and not on the East Coast.  Loved this cup of jo.  This was my last stop for coffee during my trip to Chicago.  The atmosphere was decent and I would go there to read and do work if I lived nearby.  Loved the flavor of the coffee it was rich but not that smooth as some of the other coffees I tried.  So this was my least favorite brew of the bunch.  This cup of jo knocks the socks off of a Starbucks roast anyway and I think all of the other coffee shops do the same.

Coffee and Tea Exchange 


Very quaint and totally adorable place!  There is no indoor seating so you take your jo and go.  The inside is so inviting and I enjoyed looking and smelling the tea and coffee beans they had around the shop.  Their coffee was very smooth and flavorful.  Loved the staff they were friendly and the price for a cup was reasonable.  Will definitely be making another trip here when I return to the Windy City.  I will be bringing back some loose leaf tea and ground coffee too!

Dark Matter Coffee


Love, love, love this place and their lattes.  It’s a cute little hole in the wall, offbeat place, but it is def popular with the locals.  I loved the vibe and atmosphere here and wish a coffee shop like this opened up by me.  Loved it here!

Agave Latte


Perfect blend of sweetness  with coffee flavor.  One of the best lattes I have had in awhile.  Loved it and want it again!  Try this you will be hooked.

Mayan Mocha Hot Chocolate

My sister got this drink and she enjoys it because she is not a coffee drinker.  This was also just as delicious as the agave latter.  Personally I am not the biggest fan of mocha.  This was not overwhelmingly mochay.  Enjoyed he bit I had.  Dark Matter was so good that they had a decent sized line when we were there.  That could have been due to the fact that only two people were working one on register and the making drinks.  But it was hopping and popular place not a seat was empty.  100% worth going here when visiting Chicago.



My # 1 favorite coffee shop in Chicago. The best coffee I have ever had!  Their coffee has flavor, is robust, and you can tell that they care about coffee.  This coffee has personality!  This is how coffee is supposed to be done people  Starbucks take note lol!  The employees here care about coffee. This is a must stop place every time I visit. Although they are pretty pricey for their brew.  But I don’t care!  The atmosphere in the shop is  what you feel a coffee shop should be like.  WHen you order your coffee to stay you get it in a nice big mug!   Love everything about this place!  I seriously bring back one or two bags of ground coffee so I can make it at home.  Need Intelligentsia near my house although you probably would never get me to leave.

So that’s a wrap for my favorite coffee shops!  I know there are more places in the area I stayed but I did not have the time to try them all.  Alas, I will hit the ones I missed the nest time I vista.

Feel free to comment about your favorite place to get coffee in Chicago and which shops you think are great.


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