Windy City Wonders: Good Eats

Chicago is one of my favorite cities to visit! There is so much to do, see, and eat and never enough time to do it all.  Every time I vacation there new things pop up on my radar or I discover a new place.  I love this city and figured you would too!  Put together a guide of Windy City Wonders that I’ve encountered in this big city! Any questions or suggestions just leave a comment on the bottom of this post! Enjoy!

Good Eats in the Windy City

Cafe Ba Ba Reba

5458238-201205-wg-chicago-lincoln-park-cafe-ba-ba-reeba cafe-ba-ba-reeba


Loved this restaurant!  It is a tapas restaurant so you order and share different dishes.  Some dishes my sis Pep and I loved.

Drink: Sangria  When I went they has a Blood Orange Sangria and it was delicious!  It was a special so I do not know if they make it anymore.

Tapas: Brussel Sprout Salad, Grilled Octopus, Beef Empenada, Chorizo wrapped Medjool Date and Cheese (favorite!)



The first restaurant I tried in Chicago!  It was a fun restaurant and you are able to create your dish! I love it and it should satisfy even the pickiest of eaters.  One of the best parts is trying to decide what sauces to use because there are so many to choose from.  Fun for a low key night and different type of dining!  I went to the location in the Loop.



One of the funnest places to visit! I love this place and feel like a kid in a candy shop here!  Used to go to the one in NY but now since I live down South that does not happen. Great atmosphere and fun place to eat a meal and grab dessert.  Try the Venchi chocolates  too!  They are delicious!  Also, grab an espresso or other caffeinated beverage from the coffee bar they are delicious!

Ann Sather 


Those cinnamon rolls above are one of the best things I have ever eaten! They are amazing and if I could eat them everyday I would (but then I’d be 500 lbs).  Went here for brunch with my sister and friends!  It was delicious and you get a decent amount of food for a reasonable price!  You even get cinnamon rolls as a side!

Brunch: Avocado Delight Wrap, Swedish Pancakes with Lingonberries, Denver Omelet

Sides: Cinnamon Rolls, Biscuits, Fresh Fruit * Side note the hash brown are just cut up potatoes and not like normal hash browns so not order them.  They disappointed me wen I got them as my side.  Everything else was great and yummy!



Cute place where you can create your own pizza, pasta dish, or get a salad.  Loved the atmosphere and enjoyed the fact that you can pick what you want.  It was great for someone who is picker about food like me!

Catch 35 Restaurant


My family and I ate here the weekend we dropped my sister off at school.  So it was our goodbye meal with her!  I loved this restaurant and the staff is courteous and professional!  We sat by a fish tank which was kind of cool!  This is a very pricey restaurant and the most expensive on the list.  Do not let that deter you thought because this was a fabulous seafood restaurant.

Four Belly

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My first experience having Asian street food!  Man oh man this place has delicious food!  I loved their ramen bowls! A must try if you are in Chicago!

Apps: Crispy Taro Egg Roll and Gyoza

Meal: Original Silky Tonkotsu Ramen and Tom Yum Ramen

Clark Street Dog


I experienced my first Chicago dog on this past trip and it was delicious!  The place was a bit overpriced but the food was good.  I ordered the Chicago dog and onion rings.  Next, trip I will find another Chicago hot dog place to try!

Comment if you lie any of the places above or have recommendations of places to try!


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