Weekly Wonders

Magnificent Movies 



By far my favorite movie of the year!  Over the past few years I have been very unimpressed by what has come out in theaters.  I’m tired of the superhero, Transformer movies, and remakes of old movies.  There has been nothing original or fresh to see and I hate paying money to see crappy films.  Brooklyn caught my eye and I knew I had to see it partly because Brooklyn is my hometown.  I miss that place so much!  The acting, storyline, and scenery was stellar and amazing.  I hope that Saoirse Ronan, the lead actress, wins awards for her role.  The role fit her perfectly and she nailed it! Would like to see this movie a second time and just love it!

The Intern


A great movie,not quite as good as Brooklyn, with an unusual focus but it totally works.  Cannot say that I would see this movie twice but it was cute, funny, and the acting was good.  Loved Robert DeNiro and Anne Hathaway’s characters and their acting is great.   The movie made me think how beneficial the older generations can be to the workforce or just tp bounce ideas off of.  They grew up without technology or just on the cusp of it and can offer insight into how it was without computers, Facebook, and Iphones.


L’Oreal Paris Colour Rich Palettes Nude 1 and Nude 2

The best eyeshadow palettes I have ever used since I started using makeup.  The colors on both palettes are phenomenal and neutral so they are easy to blend.  Both palettes compliment my skin and eye color.  My favorite out of the two is the Nude 1 palette because the colors are brighter and look better on my eyes.  The best things about these shadows are the price, amount of colors in each palette, neutral tones so easy to wear for an everyday look, and it’s easy to blend shades.

Clinique All About Shadow Pink Chocolate 


ANother fabulous palette! This one is much more pricier than the L’Oreal palettes but is a great buy.  I love this particular palette because the colors compliment my eye color perfectly and it lasts most of the day.  It also gives the right amount of   The colors are not as blendable as the L’Oreal palette but this is a simple palette for a new makeup user.  Also, this palette is a good for a no-fuss quick and easy eye makeup routine. This is my go to palette when I  am in a rush or just want a simple look for my eyes.  Worth taking a looking and testing the palette out.  The quad palettes come in a variation of colors too!

Jansport Agave 32


This is the best and most durable backpack I have ever used.  Four years ago I recieved this bag as a Christmas present and have loved it ever since.  Mainly I use it for traveling and when I need to take lots of items with me and also used to for get away weekends, school, and work.  The material is durable so this will last for awhile.  The nest feature about the backpack is the adjustable straps and sides of the bag to make carrying heavier loads possible.

Camelback Eddy .75L


Use this water bottle for work and love it.  The best part about this bottle is how durable it is and it does not leak when dropped.  I have tested the leak factor and it is great! A few drops came out if you shake it really really hard.  Also, literally dropped it tons of times and it is not cracked or broken.  It is easy to clean and the mouthpiece is replaceable.  This is great because if it breaks or gets moldy a new one can be bought.


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