Dating Duds

Since staring online dating I have encountered many types of men and have learned from each experience even though some have left me shaking my head.  Figured I would give you all a dating update.  There are seriously a lot of characters and weirdos out there.  Below are some of the ones I encountered.  All ended up being fails:(


The guys

 Indecisive guy:  This man was really sweet and a tad awkward but we dated for awhile.  After our first few dates I started to learn that he was really indecisive,could not make decisions, and was bad at communicating.  This one time he asked me out and basically typed this we could go to the museum or something.  Really you are almost thirty years old and cannot make a decision as to where to take me on a date?  Then I typed the museum is fine and then he could not make goes where do you want to eat before we go?  Ok dude we went on a few dates already you know what type of food I like and that I’m not picky so just suggest a restaurant. But no I wound up planning bc he literally could not make a decision and that happened again for the next date after that.  If a guy asks a woman out he should plan the date just like if I ask a guy out I will plan the date.  Due to his niceness I put up with this for a bit and then finally gave him the ax.  It took me planning a few dates when he asked me out and then one time I texted him about how I had fun on our date and didn’t hear form him for four days.  So in the end it was best that we went our seperate ways.  Note to all guys out there do not be indecisive and actually take the time to plan dates and don’t be lazy.

Sports guy:  He was a really great conversationalist.  We always had something to talk about, was not a one sided conversation, he was cute etc. We never met in person and he was the topic of my last Dating Dilemma post.  Sadly distance was a big factor as to why we didn’t meet up.  Also, I think I think he just kept saying we would meet up and flirt through text to keep me interested but had no true intentions to actually meeting in person.  My gut picked up on this but did I follow it no, I was trying to be the hopeful optimist and figured we would meet. Once he started referring to me as good looking like Hey what are you up to good looking instead of using my name I knew it was over and I was done.  So basically I learned two things from this: Always follow your gut and two guys will say anything to keep you hooked or seem like they are interested.  So, women reading this do yourself a favor and listen to your gut.  If it doesn’t feel right or you get suspicions about a guy you are most likely right so follow your gut.

GG guy:  This guy was nicknamed after Gilmore Girls bc he always talked about and watched the show.  He was nice and we had things in common. Everything was going great until he go really weird and started asking totally inappropriate questions.  Dude we didn’t even go out yet and your getting all freaky.  His true colors were shown and I was not thrilled.  No thanks GG guy, Bye Felicia!  So, yes there are dudes that are nice and seem genuine in the beginning and then get all weird.  Beware of these guys!

Creepy Pursuer guy:  This man could not take the hint that I was not interested.  I said it nicely but he could not take no for an answer.  He kept texting, leaving messages, called me, and kept viewing my profile.  So finally I blocked his number and profile.  Some guys just do not get it and think you are still interested even after you say no.  Shows how some people can not take no for an answer.


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