Dating Dilemma … My fault?

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The below post kind of makes me feel both of these things from the date I had with a guy recently.

So, I ruined my chance with a great guy.  It sucks and is mainly my fault or so I think.  I’m kicking myself for not trying harder to plan another meet up with him. It is so hard to find a decent guy now a days, at least for me, that  I was excited about this guy. I guess he’ll be called nice guy because well he was nice during  our first meet up. But part of me thinks it’s both our faults that nothing else happened and not one hundred percent mine. Read on and give advice/feedback please.  Now onto the real issue: after our initial meet up he texted me that night and it continued throughout the week.  I was hopeful that there would be a second date or meet up but as the week progressed the hope faded.

On Friday night he texted saying he had no plans that weekend and would I want to hang out?  I was out of town that weekend and let him know that I would love to meet up but already had plans. He also asked really last minute.  I was probably his back up plan bc his other plans fell through or he’s just really awkward at asking girls out.  After that I heard nothing, nada, zero from him the whole weekend into Monday.  Now my anxiety kicked in and I was like I should have suggested an alternate weekend for us to plan something etc. but I didn’t.  Now all I was doing was obsessing about this and about how I blew it.  Monday I texted him to see how his weekend was and again we texted during the week and then he went silent for almost three days.  I get that everybody has lives and I don’t expect incessant texting.  All of a sudden he texted me yesterday, Saturday, but nothing about meeting up. Basically we texted Saturday and I haven’t heard from him since yesterday.  I asked about his weekend and he said he had no plans but had plans the following weekend.  Maybe that was a hint for me to ask for or plan a date/ hang out?  If it was I didn’t get it, wait let me re-phrase that: it took me awhile to get it.  At that point it was late to figure something out because it would have been extremely last minute.  Why, couldn’t he just ask me out or hint better or ask earlier?  Guys can be confusing sometimes.  Also, I am a bit old fashioned when it comes to dating and think the guy should take the lead on the first and second dates.  Maybe the guy just wanted me to plan the date idk but for some reason I think it’s my fault that it didn’t work out with this guy.  Help?

So, was this situation totally my fault? Should I have suggested an alternate weekend or planned something for today (Sunday)?  Did I blow it? Be honest and/or blunt it’s best to just say it like it is.  I feel like this whole situation is a gray area and can sway either way.  Any assistance is appreciated! Thanks!!



Ranting Rambling



So I have been in a major rut lately and feel really stuck.  Basically, I have been feeling unsuccessful in about every aspect of my life.  I think part of it has to do with other people having tons of recent successes: career wise, getting engaged, or entering a new relationship. I’ll be the  first to admit that I usually feel like shit when somebody else makes progress in an area of their life.  I always replay the why am I unable to move forward in _____ area of my life instead of just being happy for the person.  Right now dating and guys is a big one.  I must be at the age where everyone is in a relationship or engaged and it is crazy.  There so many close friends and acquatinces that are in a relationship, engaged, or married.  Even at work I am one the only single.  It sucks I know!  Everyone is talking about wedding plans, babies, or their partners and here I am like do you or your boyfriend have any cute single male friend? I’m nowhere near ready for marriage or kids but dating would be nice.  At my age it is difficult to find single compatible guys.  Online dating sure doesn’t help the cause due to my lack of luck on those types of sites.

Being the single one sucks at times but it also had its advantages, like going wherever I want when I want without answering to anybody else.  But, I would eventually like to meet my perfect man and be in a long term relationship.  The failures and not getting past the first date from online dating doesn’t help my situation. Ugh, this sucks and I am totally tired of listening to everybody else and trying to be the good friend.  It is just so frustrating and I hate the fact that my friends and co-workers keep asking me about how many babies I want to have, their names, what do you want your wedding to be like?  Basically I have no clue because I am so not ready for children and need to find my perfect guy before even considering marriage.  Why, why am I in that part of my life right now?  It is like me and a few other friends who are single in my friend group.  I am probably destined to always be single and it sucks!  I don’t want to find my person at 40, that would suck because I would be really old.  Ahh, I am already closing in on the big 3-0.  I don’t want to even put the thought of 40 in my mind.  All I want is to be more successful, find love, and find my place in my career.

So, I think I need to stop now because honestly this post can go on for pages and pages and posts and posts.  Maybe this is just one of the bumps in the road or ruts that happens after the quarter life.


Weekly Wonders

Weekly Wonders

Benefit Cosmetics They’re Real Lengthening Mascara


My holy grail of mascaras! It makes my lashes look so good and lasts all day.  Sometimes it is the only makeup product I wear for the day. The only downside is the price of this product but personally I don’t mind paying for a quality mascara.  It even comes in brown which matches my skin coloring even better than black!

Dolce and Gabbana Light Blue


My signature scent.  I have been using this eau de toilette since high school and love it’s scent.  It is not overpowering and is a classic scent!  This will never go out of style!

DKNY Be Delicious


Another one of my favorite scents!  I used to call it DKNY Green Apple because the bottle reminded me of one.  The design of the bottle is unique which is what caught my eye when I first purchased this Eau de Parfum.   think I enjoy using this perfume and think it is the perfect fruity scent for me!  One of the best Eau de Parfum.

Bobbi Brown Blue Raspberry


My holy grail lipstick! I primarily use this as my only lipstick!  The color compliments me well and looks natural on me. This is the best shade of lipstick I  have ever used and it continues to be a staple in my makeup bag.  From what I have heard and read this shade compliments many women with various skin tones because it looks natural.

Tree Hut Coconut Lime Body Scrub


This body scrub smells so good and refreshing!  I love using it!  Came across this scrub at Ulta and figured I’d try it out. Never really used body scrubs before due to overpowering scents.  I am very sensitive to smells and sometimes they irritate my skin.  This scrub has been great and love the way it smells and makes my skin feel afterward.

Apples all Around

Apple Walnut Sour Cream Coffee Cake



1 cup chopped walnuts

1 cup of sugar

1 cup of butter

1/2 cup of sugar

1 tsp. of vanilla

2 eggs

2 cups of flour

 1 tsp. baking soda

1 tsp. baking powder

1 cup of sour cream

1tsp. salt

1 cup of sliced apples


Preheat oven to 375

In a small bow mix 1 tsp. of cinnamon, 1 cup of chopped walnuts, and 1/2 cup of sugar.  Set aside.

Meanwhile, grease a 9 ” tube pan with removable bottom or any pan of your choice.

In a large bowl, with an electric mixer at high speed, mix 1/2 cup of sugar still light and fluffy, add 2 eggs, one by one and then 1 tsp. of vanilla.

Next sift 2 cups of flour with 1 tsp. baking powder, 1/2 tsp. salt, 1 tsp. baking soda and beat at low speed, alternating with 1 cup of sour cream.

Spread half the batter into the pan and top it with apple slices (cut thin) then top with half of the walnut mixture.  Pour the rest of the batter on top and finish off with the rest of the walnut mixture.

Bake for approximately 40 min in the preheated oven.

Remove cake and let cool on wire rack for about 30 minutes.


Jumping Around Jumper Cables



So life has been pretty crazy lately and ironic events have been happening in my life.  One of these stories focuses on batteries and jumper cables.  A co-worker’s car battery died twice last week and she had to have her car jumped.  The other day I mentioned this to my dad and asked about keeping  jumper cables in both of our cars just in case a battery died. I checked my car and had them in my trunk.  I did not think anything more of it until this morning. My dad went to use his car and the battery died: talk about coincidence and ironic.  What was surprising is that he has a less than 2yr old car so the battery should be in working order.  Well good thing I had jumper cables because I had to jump his car.  So we both joked about the fact that I just mentioned it the day before.  It was a funny story that I thought I would share because this is how my life usually works.

The above story is how my life has been going lately and its rather annoying.  It’s just been a crazy time in my life and it just keeps getting crazier by the day. So, I’ll see where it goes from here.  It can be great or go bad.  I figure I have a fifty fifty shot.


When Life Gives You Lemons …

Make lemon bars!  Baking has become one of my favorite things to do and it helps relieve stress.  Recently I was in the mood to try a new recipe and it turned out great!  I baked lemon bars which are actually pretty simple to make and they tasted delicious!  I typed the recipe below and included pictures of the cookbook for reference.

Recipe: The All New All Purpose New Joy of Cooking


Lemon Curd Bars Cockaigne


The crust

1 1/2 cups of all purpose flour

1/4 cup powdered sugar

12 tablespoons (1 1/2 sticks) unslated butter, cut into small pieces

Lemon Filling

6 Eggs

3 cups of  sugar

2 grated zest of lemon

1 cup plus 2 tablespoons lemon juice ( you can adjust this to taste)

1/2 cup of all purpose flour

Crust recipe

Preheat the oven to 325 F

Have a 13 X 9 inch baking pan

 Sift the 1 1/2 cup  of all purpose flour and 1/4 cup of powdered sugar in a large bowl.

Add in the small pieces of butter to the mixture

Using your fingers, press the mixture into the bottom of the pan and 3/4 inch up the sides to avoid leaking during baking.

Bake until golden brown, 20 to 30 min., Set aside to cool slightly.  Reduce the oven temperature to 300

Lemon Filling Directions

Whisk the 6 eggs and 3 cups of sugar until well combined

Then stir in the grated zest of lemon and lemon juice

Sift  1/2 cup all purpose flour over the top and stir in until well blended and smooth.

Pour the batter over the baked crust. Bake until set, about 35 min.



Weekly Wonders

Compass Coordinate Necklace

I have wanted one of these necklaces forever but could never find the right kind or one in my price range.  Most of the styles I found were the bar necklaces which were not my style. Finally, I found the perfect on for me with the perfect price.  This necklace is absolutely stunning it comes in different lengths and colors too!

Shop:  vintagestampjewels


Leather Journal

As you probably guessed writing is one of my favorite things to do to relax or de-stress from day.  It is a also a way for me to document what is going on in my life.  There is no better way to do that then with a fabulous journal.  I found gorgeous leather journals for a reasonable price on Etsy and had to have one. I would seriously order all of them if I could.

Shop: PAHandmadeJournal


Lucky Brand Moccasins

My new favorite shoes.  I love wearing them around!  Mainly I wear them as slippers because they are so comfortable. These shoes would get a lot more use outside the house if I was up North and the weather was colder.  Wish I had another pair because I absolutely love these moccasins!  They are so comfy!


Born This Way

I have been watching this show from the beginning and enjoy it.  It is real, raw, emotional, and authentic. Love it!  you should check it out!

The Valentine’s Day Reese’s Commercial

This is such a cute commercial and I loved seeing it when it played on TV. I loved it because I am not a fan of the whole Valentine’s Day holiday.  It is just a Hallmark holiday and nothing more.  I have the whole year to celebrate my significant other.  So this commercial was perfect and I would love for some to tell me I got Reese’s! Yes , this did happen!  One of my students got me a huge Reese’s heart for Valentine’s Day! It is delicious!


Talenti Black Raspberry Chocolate Chip


OMG I am in love with this gelato!  It is a great flavor, almost as good as the pistachio flavor, and I love it.  These gelato are the best and I have tried some of their flavors.

My favorites are: Sicilian Pistachio, Salted Peanut Caramel, Mediterranean Mint