Weekly Wonders

OGX Shampoo and Conditioner


The ogx shampoos and conditioners are fantastic and have helped repair my hair.  I have seen this brand in stores but it was pretty expensive so I never purchased them before.  Ulta.com had a fantastic Black Friday deal on this brand that I could not pass up.  I ordered two shampoos and two conditioners from the sale.  So far I am loving the shampoo (pictured above) and conditioner I am currently using.  My hair became more soft and shiny.  This is a huge improvement because my old shampoo and conditioner would leave my hair dry, greasy, and limp.  So glad I bought this shampoo and conditioner!  It has worked wonders on my hair and smells great too!  The next shampoo and conditioner I will be using from ogx is the Vitamin E.

Crossword Puzzles


I am such a nerd at heart and love crossword puzzles.  I am able to concentrate on them for a long period of time and learn new vocabulary words from different puzzles.  Sometimes I do them to relax and wind down after a long day.  They are a staple in my travel bag whether it’s going to the beach or on a plane.

Vera Bradley Makeup Case in Mocha




Many moons ago when I was in college I had a slight major obsession with Vera Bradley products.  It seemed to be all the craze in during my college years.  After awhile I found the Simply Violet pattern and was in love!  I used this tote till it was falling apart and sadly had to be thrown away.  Then I moved on to makeup cases and currently have two in the fabrics Mocha Rogue (above) and African Violet.  They are my go to makeup case and use one of them when traveling to store all my makeup.  The lining inside the makeup bag helps.  Definitely check out the products Vera Bradley has to offer.  Some of them are machine washable too which makes caring for them easy peasy.  Great for gifts or a splurge.

Shonda Rhimes Year of Yes


I love this book!  It is what I have needed!  Found this book while shopping at BJs and had to purchase it.  Figured there would be a fifty fifty chance that I would like it due to the fact that this is not my typical book choice.  Fiction is my usual choice not a self-help/motivational book.  I thoroughly enjoyed this book and was able to relate to Shonda Rhimes difficulty of saying yes to events and requests.  I am a more introverted person who tends to stray away from the spotlight or garnish attention in social situations.  Ever since I moved from my hometown I have been making positive changes in my life and at the time I found this book I was already saying yes to smaller things/events, joining a book club and volunteer group,that the pre-move Amanda would not have given either a second glance in a million years. It was nice to see that someone as successful as Shonda had similar issues and fears as I did.  The book is very relatable and an easy read.  This year will be my year of yes and I hope it goes as well as Shonda’s did!

Vera Bradley Lanyard


In love with this lanyard!  Picked it up at a local boutique and was attracted by the color.  Anything green usually catches my eye!  My old lanyard that held my car keys broke and I needed to shop for a new one.  THis lanyard is durable and I am able to clean it with a sponge if it gets stains or dirt on it.  Since the color is bright it makes it easy to locate the lanyard in my bag.  THis will be good to store your car keys or for a college student to use for their school ID and dorm keys.  Love it and will buy another one down the road!


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