Dilemmas of Dating xx2



This is actually a response to my dilemmas of dating 2 post.  First off I curse the distance between people.  So I was really hopeful that it would work out between me and the cute decent guy I was texting but it didn’t.  We did not even get to meet in person womp womp.  Since the guy was a newbie to the state in which I live I figured I see what things there are to do in between our houses.  Believe it or not there is a very limited range of activities halfway between me and this dude.  But whatever I figured something could work for our first meeting. Except, it’s not happening.

They guy I was texting was so eager for us to meet up at some point and would be flirty in texts etc.  He even initiated contact which sometimes does not happen when I talk to guys form online dating.  Mainly I need to initiate or lead the conversations, which I hate.  Anyway, I finally asked the guy to meet up and what weekends were good etc.  Except nothing, nada, no dates even after he said I’ll check the schedule when I get to work today to see what will work and we talked that night too but nothing.  So I guess this dude was not as eager meet me as he first was or had not intention of meeting up at all.  It is what it is and I don’t ask people things twice when I know that they heard me or in this case responded to a text about it in the first place.  It is your loss dude because I do not chase anybody I just move on.  By Felicia to decent nice guy and I’ll just keep trucking.


On another note here are some more (un) fabulous first messages as they typed:

Would you be interested in a sugar daddy? I would be willing to pay around $2000 a month. All i want in return is conversation and photos.

Can I eat you all up? 😉 you’re absolutely gorgeous luv.

If I were as beautiful as you I’d upload a pic too.

Hey you’re pretty cute. I hope you like pizza and corny humor, cause my jokes are pretty cheesy.


2 thoughts on “Dilemmas of Dating xx2

  1. Thanks for asking! Of course you can use it! I love finding quotes that pertain to my situation(s)! I enjoy reading your blog posts. I have some of the same struggles and situations that you when online dating. It is hard to find a decent guy out there.

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