Dilemmas of Dating 2


So life has its way of throwing curve balls.  For some odd reason I am always the one who finds themselves in the way of these said curve balls.  In this instance it is screwing up my dating life or potential date with a guy.  Basically he is a great guy but it is the distance and timing issues which 100% sucks.

After talking to guys through the dating site and getting, ghosted, asked for a hook up, or dealing with creeps, I believe I found a decent guy.  We finally exchanged #’s and have been texting.  Everything has been going  well and we even want to meet in person.  The only problem is distance.  We live more than an hour apart which basically gives me little to no hope of this actually going anywhere.  Also, the dude is really new to his area down here.  So idk life why- I finally meet a decent guy and we hit it off (and he’s cute too) but distance puts a major wrench in things.  It totally blows because let’s just say we meet up and want to go out again.  The distance would be too much and well only be able to see each other on weekends.  I know what you all are thinking… Why can’t you meet up half way?  The problem with that is there is nothing to do halfway that is worth doing.  That also puts another wrench in the situation.  So I guess this was doomed from the start.

On the other hand I was the foolish one because I realized the distance but figured why not chat with him and see where it goes due to the lack of dudes in my area.  Seriously the same dudes keep rotating through my feed and it’s not like I live in the boondocks.  He messaged me first with a normal message instead of the typical hey or sup.  So that’s how we began talking and we haven’t stopped since.  So yeah that  was a bad move on my part even answering the message knowing how far apart we live.  But I truly thought of the distance factor for like a nano second and then just figured what the hell and answered his message.  Hey if I don’t try things I will not know what could happen or where things could lead even if it turns out to be a friendship or going nowhere.  The fact that he didn’t ghost on me in the middle of the conversation was a plus.  Also, I was not the one carrying the whole conversation due to him asking questions as well.  So I guess when I see a cute guy  and am having a good conversation with him my rational and practical thoughts go out the window. In a way this is bad because now I feel like I was giving this guy false hope due to how new he was to his area and he most likely didn’t know how far we lived from each other.  But in reality there was nothing that said how truly new he was to the area so I assumed he knew how far we lived.  Distance issue aside there is the chance that things with this guy will turn out to be a bust when/if we meet in person.  If we’re not compatible in person it would totally suck but I need to just keep on trucking and start searching again.  That would be a bummer!  So life your curve balls and impeccable timing are horrible as always. I’ve found a nice guy but the distance and timing isn’t right.  Why could we not live closer to make meeting up easier and I couldn’t have found this guy earlier in my searches.  I’ll see how this goes and I hope it works out for the best.  We shall see!



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