Lesson Learned in 2015

I’m a little late with this post but not too far off the mark.  Here is what I learned in 2015

Talking to people is not so scaryYou actually need to go after what you want and not sit on your ass and wait for shit to happen to you

The importance of networking with others because it will help your career not hurt it

Try new things and do not be afraid to say yes to new adventures or tasks

Get rid of toxic friends or family who are not there for you when you need it

I have hated being the person that was there for everyone else when they had troubles or needed advice but would not receive the same in return.  When I needed something from certain friends or just wanted to chat I was turned down or they said no which sucked.  Through the year I realized that people are just out for themselves and some do not truly care about others.  Some people just do what is good at the time or would benefit them in the long run.  So, take it from me and give these people the ax or do what Donald Trump does and say “You’re fired”.  To think that after all these years of so called friendship I was the schmuck and  didn’t kick these people to the curb sooner.

Smile at people and compliment them more to make them happy

Learned to let things go and not obsess over things

Figuring out your own problems instead of blaming others

Thinking and ruminating about the past will only hinder you and keep you from moving forward

Enjoy every minute you are with family and friends.  Seriously you never know when they’ll be gone so cherish whatever you do with them.  Especially your parents and grandparents because they continue to get old and you never know when it will be the last time you see them.

Nailed and perfected a go to everyday beauty routine.  I found one that I love and it stuck with me during the past year.

Do not be afraid to be you and if you fuck up it’s ok because everybody does at some point during their lives

Realized that your not that far away from turning the big 3-0 and that I’m slowly getting old.  People still say I’m young but at this point I would consider 21 to be young at this point.  Kind of wish I could go back to that age. Getting older is scary especially since it feels like I don’t really have things figured out.  But does anyone ever have things completely figured out?

Learn from your mistakes so you do not make the same one twice or three times.  This is always a hard one for me because I hate revisiting my failures and mistakes in life but nobody really does.  This always makes me uncomfortable and vulnerable.  The truth is I just want to move on and leave the past mistakes behind!


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