Bye Felicia: To my year of firsts



In the blink of an eye another year has come and gone.  It truly feels like I just celebrated 2015 and wondered what  adventures would come during the year.  Now it’s time to say adieu 2015 and welcome in another new year.  But first, a recap of 2015!   Well, 2015 has proven very eventful since  numerous changes and adventures occurred during the course of the year.  The year started off with a bang as many firsts were tackled in the wee hours of 2015.  After,  changes kept on coming with some being more beneficial than others.  All of the changes caused 2015 to be a memorable year aka the year of firsts.

Firsts tackled in 2015: 

New Year’s celebration without my friends

First New Year’s outside of my hometown in NY

First time living in an apartment

Living outside of NY

Road trip to NY

Visiting Milan and Rome in Italy

Building shelves

Moving into a new house

Driving everyday: in NY I took mass transit

Not having snow in the winter

Increasing my confidence to talk to people

Redo and decorate my new room

Working at one of the most interesting schools ever

Flying solo during my overseas trip (longest flight ever)

Learning the power of my voice and how to stand up for myself and handle thing son my own

Actually dealing with my issues head on

Getting rid of toxic friends

Shooting guns at a shooting range

NHL game

First time seeing the Yankees play

Canoeing down a river

Writing in my journal everyday

Finding my holy grail makeup

Learning to let things go an just be as they are

Use new tools and  built a shelf

Cooking and baking new recipes

Learn to just go with the flow and realize that everything happens for a reason


So, it’s time to say bye Felicia to 2015 and hello 2016. 2016 will be my year yes.  New things will be tried within reason of course and I will say yes to everything.



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