Oh Etsy, how I love you!

Since the holidays are coming up I thought I’d share one of my favorite sites to purchase gifts from… drumroll please… Etsy.com! There are so many neat, unique, and crafty items on Etsy and you are guaranteed to find a gift for most people on your shopping list.  The best thing about this site is you are supporting people who actually make the products instead of buying a generic gift from a popular store.  People have enjoyed, appreciated, and loved the presents from Etsy and I have heard good feedback from friends and family who have used the site or received and Etsy gift.  Also, the prices are fantastic and I usually have no problem finding shops with prices that fit my budget.  Below are some of my favorite Etsy shops and their links!  ** This post IS NOT sponsored by Etsy.com or any of the Etsy shops featured in this post!  Etsy is a site I use and the shops are ones I frequent and recommend to family and friends! I only recommend things I have tried, loved, and want to share!  All photos are credited to the shops: Tanneicasey, junebirds, MagicMarkingsArt, CartoCreative, and Theresa Rose. I DO NOT claim ownership of the photos***

Favorite Etsy shops


Link: https://www.etsy.com/shop/tanneicasey

Tannei Casey is the owner of the shop and creates beautiful tote bags, makeup pouches, coin purses etc. of various sizes.  She  hand makes all of the products which are superb and lasting quality!  I have purchased two of her regular tote bags for work and they are still going strong!  Also, I have purchased her makeup cases for friends and they loved them.  Her work is of an amazing quality, affordablly priced, with various fabrics, and also customizable.

XL Tote bag

Tannei Casey

Regular Tote Bag

Tannei Casey 2

Inside the bag

Tannei Casey inside bag



Link: https://www.etsy.com/shop/junebirds

Suzy Baldwin is the owner of Junebirds.  She makes key fobs and a variety of customized cellphone cases.  She is a pleasure to work with when creating a design and is very communicative.  The prices are reasonable and there are a multitude of designs and case styles for you to chose from. I recommend the tough case because you get a durable case and pretty design on the cover.  Looking for a customizable phone case check out junebirds!

Cellphone Case Design

Junebirds cellphone case

Cellphone Case Styles

Junebirds case 2Junebirds case 1

Key Fob

Key fob

MagicMarkings Art by Cathie Carlson


Cathie Carlson owns and creates the products for this shop! I love, love, love this shop! So much thought and care goes into Cathie’s art and designs!  Before I moved to FL I got one of the custom house portraits tile.  All you do is email Cathie a picture of your house and she will draw and paint it on the tile.  She also does ring holders, ornaments etc.  This will be a great gift to get for a family member or friend.  Check out the site today!

House tile




Magic Markings

Ring holder

Ring holder


Link: https://www.etsy.com/shop/CartoCreative?ref=l2-shopheader-name

I love browsing through this shop! There are tons of map art prints at reasonable prices!  There are so many I would like to buy and they are customizable.  I ordered one to hang in my room!  They are beautifully designed and a cool conversation piece and artwork to display in your room,office, or home!


Montauk map il_570xN.827045652_3sq1 il_570xN.566357032_5iax il_570xN.544171304_n5vq

Theresa Rose Designs

Link: https://www.etsy.com/shop/TheresaRose

Theresa makes gorgeous jewelry at reasonable prices.  I have gotten pieces for friends and family.  My favorite items are the birthstone and hand stamped initial necklaces. So many things to choose from and if I could I would buy more jewelry pieces from her shop!

Birthstone Necklace


Hand Stamped Initial Necklace





Hope this list of shops helps you with your holiday shopping!  These are products and stores that I love and purchased from in the past.  Even if the shops above do not tickle your fancy check out Etsy: https://www.etsy.com/?ref=lgo and you will find something for everyone on your list!

** This post IS NOT sponsored by Etsy.com or any of the Etsy shops listed above! Etsy is a site I use, love,  and the shops above are ones I frequently look for gifts on! I only recommend things I have tried, loved, and want to share!  All photos are credited to the shops: Tanneicasey, junebirds, MagicMarkingsArt, CartoCreative, and Theresa Rose.  I DO NOT claim ownership of the photos**



Early Christmas bugs me…

Every year Christmas comes earlier and earlier in the retail industry.   When I go shopping this time of year Christmas music is playing and decorations are hung all before Thanksgiving.  This is insane and it every year I have noticed this happening earlier and earlier.  One store had Christmas ornaments on display after Halloween.  The next holiday is Thanksgiving, thank you very much, not Christmas.  Now that the stores have broken out the holiday music before Thanksgiving all I want to do is avoid shopping and stores.  My mind is thinking about Thanksgiving not Christmas and all I want to do is get through the Thanksgiving holiday: Okay Thanks!

Major kudos to Nordstrom for keeping the actually meaning and excitement of the holidays by posting signs like this in various stores! It is nice to see a store that will not be filled with holiday music or decor before the Thanksgiving holiday!  Now if more stores can take the hint from Nordstrom and do the same!  Thank you  Nordstrom!




Music Mood

Have been updating iTunes and my iPod recently and thought I’d share my latest playlist with you all. It has been fun jamming to this on the ride to work! Enjoy!

1. House of Gold: twenty one pilots
2. Unbelievers: Vampire Weekend
3. New Americana: Halsey
4. Holiday: Vampire Weekend
5. Molecules: Atlas Genius
6. Shots: Imagine Dragons
7. Clint Eastwood: Gorillaz
8. Go Big or Go Home: American Authors
9. Tear in My Heart: twenty one pilots
10. House Party: Sam Hunt
11. John Cougar, John Deere, John 3:16 Keith Urban
12. Run: Vampire Weekend
13. Stressed Out: twenty one pilots
14. Horchata: Vampire Weekend
15. I Wanna Get Better: Bleachers
16. Glory Days: Bruce Springsteen
17. Down on the Corner: Creedence Clearwater Revival
18. My Sweet Summer: Dirty Heads
19. Biscuits: Kacey Musgraves
20. Anything Goes: Florida Georgia Line
21. Blowin’ Smoke: Kacey Musgraves

THere is a little bit of everything here and its what I’m digging at the moment!


Now it’s time to say goodbye to the age of 25

As I sit here contemplating this post the hours and minutes are ticking by as my twenty fifth year comes to a close.  Who would have thought that twenty-five years of my  life have squeaked by in the blink of an eye.  I for one didn’t think I would be sitting here or inching my way closer to thirty so soon.  It feels like yesterday that I graduated college, turned 21, and began my life in the real world without the comfort and safety of my small college campus.  Now things have changed and as I get farther into adulthood I am reflecting on my life so far and the rest of it yet to live.  This birthday really hit me hard and caused me to reevaluate what I have been doing with my life and was a much needed wake up for me to start living more, become proactive, and set goals for the years ahead.  Int he past twenty five years I have accomplished numerous things and goals I had but need to have some new goals and dreams for the next chapter of my life. well, I’ll see how it goes.

So, now it’s time to say goodbye to the year of twenty five, embrace the age of twenty six, and enjoy the last part of my twenties.  In not such a long time I’ll be thirty … yikes, not looking forward to that day!


Weekly Wonders

First Weekly Wonders post!! Check out these posts for things newly discovered or loved by me!

1. Patricia Nash Designs

One of my favorite handbag designers.  The company produces Italian leather handbags of all sizes which will last you a lifetime!  Purchased my first one about five years ago and it has been my go to bag.  They also have a fantastic customer service policy which is: We are happy to offer free repair services to our customers whenever possible. … Once we receive an item for repair, we will inspect the item and advise you on your available repair or replacement options. Please allow 4-6 weeks for the processing of repaired items.

I had to use this policy due to the leather coming off some of the piping on my bag.  I was sad that it could not be repaired but I was able to pick a replacement bag valued at the original cost of my broken bag.  Customer Service Representative replied quickly and courteously to my emails.  You truly get what you pay for and not many companies have policies like this! Basically, this company rocks!

Avellino Crossbody in Distressed Chocolate


Check out her designs: Patricia Nash Designs Website

2. Bobbi Brown

OMG! I have totally fallen head over heals for her makeup products! Her concealer and corrector are the best I have used and they are amazing. Also, her makeup looks natural on me and the color is a good fit for my skin tone.

Bobbi Brown Concealer


Bobbi Brown Corrector


3. Kate Spade

My other top handbag designer!  Her designs are timeless, chic, and classic.  They can be paired with a multitude of outfits and will last you forever.  Kate Spade bags are the total opposite of Patricia Nash Designs but I love both equally!

Some of my favorite Kate Spade Bags

Bon Shopper: Deborah Dots


Sawyer Street Maxi: Large (really want this one!!)



4. Coca Cola Commercial

There is a Coca-Cola commercial circulating around the web and it is very sweet. A good commercial in time for the holidays and makes you feel good.  A must watch so click the link below! Nice job Coca Cola!:)

Coca Cola

5.Florence & the Machine album

I’m in love with the album How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful!  Love , Love ,Love it!  Enjoy listening to this Cd on the ride to and from work!  Go check it out!